The Descendants of Grandmaster Wang Ziping

(Image: Master Wu Xiaoping with her grandfather Grandmaster Wang Ziping)

I have talked about the legendary Muslim Martial Artist Grandmaster Wang Ziping a few times before.  The grandchildren of Grandmaster Wang Ziping have carried on the family tradition. The website Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts has some information about members of his family who have carried on the tradition. Interestingly enough they have now dispersed to other parts of the globe so that some of the family members now reside in Canada and the US. In fact Master Wang Ziping’s wife moved to Texas later in her life and was instrumental in the development of Wushu in the United States. The granddaughters of Master Ziping also teach martial arts in Canada and thus it is possible for people based in Toronto to directly learn from an important family in the recent history of Wushu.


3 responses to “The Descendants of Grandmaster Wang Ziping

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