Map of Haji Zheng He’s Famous Voyages


Haji Zheng He is considered to be the greatest Chinese Admirals of all time. Zheng He happened to be a Muslim who even performed Hajj, hence the name Haji. Above is the map of famous voyages. A number of Chinese Muslims settled in what is now Malaysia and Indonesia as a result of these voyages and were responsible for spreading Islam there.

13 responses to “Map of Haji Zheng He’s Famous Voyages

  1. Assalamualaikum,
    Here in Malaysia, we knew him as Laksemana Cheng Ho (Laksemana=Admiral). I learned about him in my primary school history class. I’m not sure whether it is still taught in school now.
    Admiral Cheng Ho was believed to have been travelled to Malacca (in Malaysia) several times. There’s even a Cheng Ho Cultural Museum ( there.
    There is also a mosque named after him in Surabaya, Indonesia (

  2. Assalamu alikum wa rahmatullah

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  3. It was known that Admiral Cheng He was an ethnic Hui Chinese, and had visited ndonesia from Banten to Surabaya (north Java coast along).
    Anxious to know , all of his peoples came along with him were Hui’s or also the Uyghurs and Han ethnic ?
    They came from which part of China are the Hui’s , which came in the voyages to Indonesia ?

  4. well… i am learning about him right now in social studies… i am doing a project… and we have to be the person you chose, so i choose Zheng he. just to update people if they don’t no… he was the one who disagreed with the rest of emperors with keeping china to its self and not trading…. and they also disliked the outsiders… Zheng He decided to start trading… from there they spread more cutlers and religions.
    now i am terrible at social studies, but this is one thing i know for a fact.

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  6. Assalamu’alaikum WTH. It’s always very funny how the world finds it difficult to accept changes in historical documentations. Gavin Menzies have been shot down by both the West and China for hid attempt at claiming that Zheng He discovered America, not Colombus. History aside, DNA tests have shown traces of Chinese origin among Native Americans, look at pictures of the Inuits – they look Chinese, same with the Incas and even natives of Peru today. The Maoris can trace their origins to a former spot of China (now Taiwan) – Maoris and these Taiwanese tribe do the Haka welcome, the hongi (nose-to-nose greetings) and eat the hangi (meat buried in the earth and baked from atop).

    Wassallam, Izmee.

  7. I want to wish the Muslim all the world barka da Ramadan. May Allah(swt) give us the strenght to complet the Ramadan and may He prolong our live to next Ramadan (amin)

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