Islam in China: Pictures: Grandmaster Wang Ziping


Yes, the legendary Chinese Martial Arts Grandmaster Wang Ziping (1881-1973) was a Muslim. The history of “Muslim” Martial Arts in China is a fascinating subject. I will post on this subject sometime in the future insha’Allah. The descendants of Grandmaster Wang Ziping now live in USA and still practice and teach Martial Arts but I do not know if they are Muslims or not. Can any one confirm if his descendants are Muslims? Insha’Allah I will also do a post on Grandmaster Wang Ziping in the future.

17 responses to “Islam in China: Pictures: Grandmaster Wang Ziping

  1. wa’alaikum’as’salam, Insha’Allah brother Abdallah I will first post some info about his family and then more about his background. It will be more detailed insha’Allah.

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  3. We are looking forward to see it that all chinese people are real muslim and they are getting their right.

  4. Great Grand Master Wang Zi-Ping’s family and legacy continues on to this day. Although his daughter, Grand Master Wang, Ju-Rong, died in 2005, his grand daughters and son in-law carry on his martial arts and healing traditions in both Canada and the United States.

    More information on Great Grand Master Wang Zi-Ping’s family and legacy can be found at under history and lineage. Links to his granddaughter’s web sites are also given. The web site has been set up by Master George Picard who has received his fourth generation certificate in the Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts, from Master Helen Wu, Wang Zi-Ping’s granddaughter.

  5. Welcome to the blog David, this is pretty cool. My apologies for the late reply. I was busy with exams. The site looks very informative. I will go over it more detail and do a post on it soon.

  6. pour moi yang ziping est sera pour toujour le plus grang combattant que que l islam n est jamais eu

  7. For me wang ziping is and will be for toujour most grang fighting(disputing) that that l Islam n is never had

  8. I am very glad that Grandmaster Wang Ziping is muslim ,Please any one knows any more famouse muslim master or as i want to collect thier information because i am doing kung fu aswell . I hope i understand what Wang Ziping mean in english

  9. yes, i am following muslim heroes in China, since Great Hero Cheng Ho or Zheng he, i opened my eye both, sure !!! Muslims in old years are creators, but in this Centure….??? so lazy men…..!!! Why are we proud with last History ?
    why do we not strive to create a new? but still keep the old traditions…….!!!

  10. Great picture. I studied under his daughter Lao Shi Wang JuRong fom 1998-2005 (until the time she passed). She was a great person inside and out. She had a beautiful personallity and was very dedicated to the teaching of wushu. I miss her a lot.

  11. i read the above man as a martial arts, that was awesome i read abt alot of muslims heroes . why we as a umma not creating worldwide individuals for all aspects of life that we really need at the presents, thanx. keep working….

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