Arabic Tombstones from China from 12th Century

The earliest of the Arabic tombstones with dates unearthed in Quanzhou, 1171 CE. The inscription reads, “This is the tomb of Hussayn bin Muhammad al-Khalat. May God show mercy upon him. Died on the 13th of the fourth month of the year 567.” Khalat was at this time the capital of Armenia. From Chen Dasheng, Quanzhou zongjiao shike.

Source: Muslims Heritage

5 responses to “Arabic Tombstones from China from 12th Century

  1. Salam alikum,

    Brother I just found your blog, it haven’t really read through it but I did leave a comment on the about page.

    For the sake of Allah I wish to discuss somethings about china, Islam in China and how we can work towards its revival.

    So free free to send me and email when you have time brother.


  2. Thanks for this Mr . Daiyu , i would like to know where is the Tomb of Hazrat Saad bin Abi Waqqas (RA) in China , he was the Companion of the Holy Prophet (SAWS) who Travelled to China to spread the Word of Allah .

    if you could please help me with this i would be pleased .

    Thanks and best Regards .

    Tanvir Ahmed Quadri .
    India .

    • The tomb of Holy Sa’ad ibn Abi Waqqas (May God show mercy upon him) is in China in the south coast city of Guangzhou. It can be found directly across (south) Guangzhou’s main railway station in the north-west corner of the city sometimes called the West Station (there is also an East Station). To get to the tomb you have to cross the very busy elevated and ground level traffic lanes then walk south for about 2-3 minutes on the main road to the left of the walled gardens. At the end of the garden walls turn right.

      Have a blessed visit.

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