Muslim Manga Artist

The topic of Manga and Anime amongst Muslim artists has come up before. As a side note I have noticed that many people from Gulf like Japanese Anime since they grew up with it. I would expect that may be at least one of them may start something. While there may not be a large population of Muslim Manga artists out there I did come into contact with one. Even better the person in question happens to be a Chinese Muslima. Here is Kalmla Tung known as Miiz Mei. I presume that in retrospect it should not be surprising that its a Chinese Muslima who is interested in this sort of work. Her work can be found here and here.

25 responses to “Muslim Manga Artist

    • Hey, Does anyone do brown-skinned manga?? I would love it if they did, and make them pretty and dress in normal clothes??
      Please. 🙂

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  2. Wow!!!I really didn’t realize that there were more muslim manga artists out there!!!That’s so awesome!!!I’m a South african muslimah and you don’t find many people who like anime out here…

  3. hi there ,, oh this is good ! im so surprise because there is muslim manga artists

    im so happy too

    im arabian girl and im from dubai ,, and i like drawing so much

    and i like drawing manga too > but for my self XD

    i don’t like to bespreading it

    but one day i’ll do it ..

    and theres new arab cartoon ( shabiat al cartoon ) .. have u ever heard about it ?

    its a very funny cartoon talk about the arab people and the arab guys and .. umm and alot of things : )

    take a look :

    its the opening

    ma’ aslamah ~ ^_* ( مع السلامه )

  4. Noori, There are many Muslims out there who are interested in this stuff. There has to be a way to connect these people I guess.

    Angel, welcome to the blog. I am not aware of any Arab cartoons but good luck on that.

  5. Assalamu’alaykum..

    great blog… 😀

    I’m a 2d artist to..n I plan to make islamic manga which contains many islam’s teaching

  6. I’m looking for a Muslim artist who can create a action comic book style. I’ve been working on this for the past 5 years and now I need someone to help me with my vision. Please email me at

  7. is there any islamic manga or comic website?? Assalamu’alaikum to all ma brothers n sisters n to all islamic artist out there.. Have a great Ramadhan..

  8. Hey, Does anyone do brown-skinned manga?? I would love it if they did, and make them pretty and dress in normal clothes??

  9. Assalamualaikum, brother and sister in Islam

    I just came across a topic which said that drawing animate object is forbidden in Islam. Would anyone have his or her say related to this topic? This thing worried me much, I like drawing especially anime and even I feel like I can’t stop making sketches, anywhere and anytime. It’s like an addict.

    So, please, please anyone tell me the legal aspect of drawing in Islam. I want to know how far drawing an animate object is prohibited and especially regarding to anime drawing.

    This is my e-mail

    Thank you very much.

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