Islam in China: FAQ

The FAQ section is under construction. It may be some time before all the questions get answered. Feel free to add more questions.

  • What is Islam and what is a Muslim?
    Islam is a universal monotheistic religion. Followers of Islam are called Muslims. Muslims believe that there is only one God who sent a number of prophet to guide humanity and the last and the greatest of these prophet is Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him.)
  • Isn’t Islam a ‘foreign’ religion? Most Muslims live in the Middle East right?
    This is misconception that a lot of people have. Although Islam originated in the Middle East and the Arabs, Turks and Iranians are majority Muslims, followers of Islam are found throughout the world. Thus for example the largest Muslim country is in South East Asia – Indonesia. As for regions, South Asia (Pakistan, India and Bangladesh) have the largest number of Muslims in the world – more than 400 millions! Islam in China is almost as old as Islam itself. In fact there are more Muslims in China than there are in Most Arab countries. So Islam is not a foreign religion. It is a universal religion with many ethnicities and groups.
  • How many Muslims are there in China?
    There does not seem to be any consensus on this number. Most estimates range from as low as 10 million to as high as 100 million Muslims in China. However the figure of 25 million Muslims seems more plausible.
  • Are there Chinese Muslims in other countries?
    Yes there are Chinese Muslims in Central Asian countries and also in Malaysia. In Central Asia they are known as Dungans and still maintain their identity as Chinese Muslims. Almost all of these sought refuge in the Russian Empire during the Hui Minorities War in the 19th century. The Chinese Muslims as a community has arisen and disappeared in Malaysia a few times in the past. Either they were absorbed by the majority Malay Muslims and became Malays over time or they were absorbed by the non-Muslim Chinese and lost their beliefs. The recent growth of Chinese Muslims in Malaysia is an exception. There are more than 50,000 Chinese Muslims in Malaysia.
  • Do all Chinese Muslims belong to the same group?
    No. Out of the 56 officially recogonized ethnic groups in China 10 are predominantly Muslim. These are Hui, Uyghur, Kazak, Dongxiang, Kyrgyz, Salar, Tajik, Uzbek , Bonan, and Tatar.
  • Who are the Hui Muslims?
    Although there are 10 ethnic groups in China who are predominantly Muslims, two groups form the numerical majority. These are the Hui and the Uygar. Hui Muslims are the descendants of Arab, Persian and Turkish Muslims who intermarried with the local Han Chinese people. There are around 10 million Hui Muslims in China. Their culture is the same as that of the majority Han Chinese with the difference that the Hui practice Islam and thus don’t eat pork or drink alcohol.
  • What is the relation of Hui surnames to Arabic and Farsi names?
    Some of the Hui surnames are derived from Arabic and Farsi names. Thus the following names used by Chinese Hui Muslims have their origin in Arabic and Farsi.

    • Ma for Muhammad
    • Han for Muhammad
    • Ha for Hasan
    • Hu for Hussein
    • Sai for Said
    • Sha for Shah
    • Zheng for Shams
  • Who are the Uygar Muslims?
  • What is the difference between a Han Chinese and a Hui Chinese?
    Historically speaking other than the practice of Islam there is not much difference and even this distinction is no longer applicable. For some Huis being a Muslim is like belonging to an ethnic group and thus their knowledge of Islam is practically non-existent to the point that they do not even know the basic pillars of Islam and yet they consider themselves Hui. On the other hand there are recent Han Chinese Muslims who follow Islam much more than the Hui but they do not like to be called Hui because they are of pure Han Chinese blood. In terms of lifestyles the two groups are almost identical. Places where they live side by side they speak the same language. Even amongst the Hui one will find people who eat pork and drink so its difficult to tell where the Hui begins or the Han ends.
  • How much of old China, in the pre-modern sense, exists today?
  • What are the names of the Chinese Sufi Orders, and who are their Masters and Shaykhs?
  • How is strong is the legacy of Chinese Muslim martial arts in China today?
  • Is it difficult to find masters of this art/science, particularly for foreigners?
  • Where in China are there universities, institutes, teachers etc that teach the history of Islam and China – in its language, culture etc?
  • Where in China are Muslims mostly located?
  • When did Muslims first came to China?
  • What is the history of Islam in China?
  • Who are the famous Chinese Muslims?
  • Who was Zheng He?
  • How many Chinese Muslims live outside of China and in which countries?
  • What languages do Chinese Muslims speak?
  • What are Muslim noodles?
  • What is the general perception of Chinese people regarding Islam?
  • What is the status of the dawah in China today?
  • What is the future of Islam in China?

89 responses to “Islam in China: FAQ

  1. my name is mohammad albaba
    i am from syria damascus
    i want to know more a bout islam in china
    after tow month i will travel to china
    i want to know how can i help you

  2. what are some good books on china and islam?
    1)The Chinese Sultanate – Islam, Ethnicity and the Panthay Rebellion in Southwest China
    2) * Hodong Kim Holy War in China – The Muslim Rebellion and State in Chinese Central Asia 1864-1877 ISBN 0-8047-4884-5
    3)Muslim Chinese -Ethnic Nationalism in the Peoples Republic Dru C. Gladney ISBN 0-674-59495-9
    4)The Perilous Frontier – Thomas J Barield

  3. Mohammed Yousuf
    I’m American Muslim businessman. I will be travelling to China in April to attend Canton Fair. I will also be travelling to different parts of China to visit textile factories to import Home Textile ( All types of Towels, Bed Sheets,Bedspread/ Comforters set etc ). On my trip I like to see Islamic history and visit mosques and meet muslim chinese as well.
    I will appreciate Chinese Muslim brothers and sisters to email me
    My cell number is 1 – 469 – 348 – 3040
    Please suggest me the places to visit in China.
    I would also appreciate to hear from Chinese muslim business persons with any ideas to do business between USA and China.

  4. Hi, I’m a Muslim and I’m currently living and working in China as an expat. I’m amazed by the number of Muslim restaurants I’ve encountered in the city where I work. It’s a small city by Chinese standards with a population of only 3 million people, but I have encountered 8 Muslims restaurants all within 5 minutes walk of my hotel!! I guess this shows just how many Muslims there are in this town.

    I have seen 2 mosques here as well and I’m sure there are many more. Islam in China is alive and well, allhumdulilah! :)

    • WHICH CITY IS THIS? As I am also intending to travel to china for business purposes I would also like to know where to come to as China is a massive country..

  5. My dear Brothers & Sisters.
    If you people have any question about islam you can put you question at

    This is Darul Uloom Deoband (INDIA), established in 1892. Darul uloom Deoband

    ( is worlds 2nd larget islamic study center. Most of the gulf

    country ( including Saudi also) follows Darul Uloom Deoband fatwa(Question – Answer).
    this was builed by Maulana Qasim Nanotawi, he was very much familliar in India for his sunnah.Till

    1800 to 1947, British government was in Indai, at that time Maulana Qasim Nanotawi was opposing

    this, once British government was searcing to Maulana Qasim Nanotawi, someone told to Maulana to

    hide somewhere, then Maulana Hide in a room, after 3 days Maulana came out of the room, people ask

    Maulana “why he came out of the Room”, Maulana told “Prophet was also stayed in Gaar-E-Hira

    (Mountain) for only 3 days, so its not allowed for me to stay more than 3 days, let then (British)

    do what they want. And also when Maoulana goes to Makka for Hajj he dont wear slippers someone ask

    him why he dont wear slippers (becoz now also in Makka there is too much heat), he told “I dont

    know where my Prophet walk on this land, so if I wear slippers, and if I walk and there could be

    the situation that on the land where Prophet walk can come under my slippers”. There are so many

    stories of him. And Also Prophet suggested to Maulana Qasim Nanotawi to develope this (Darul Uloom

    Deoband) in his Dream (Its written in Maulanas’ book).
    So its request for you people, if you people want to ask any question about Islam (Fatwa), plz

    follow the given link, dont ask anybody, because only known scholars have rights to answer the

    question, If you people want more information about Indian muslim, Islam in India or anything from India then plz mail me on (
    Assalam – Alekum


  7. alhamdolillaha
    china is great regard to every chinese.i m very happy to know about my muslim brothers in china.i hope that u will follow holy quran and because of you ur contry and ur islam will bring peace n prosperity for humanity.
    yours dr asif

  8. Assalam alykom Brothers and sisters,

    To the brothers and sisters who live and work in China, How can I get to live and work in China as well? is there any way to get help to do so, I live in USA and would love to live and work in muslim China. If you can help in any way, please email me at

    Gazakom allah khair

  9. Salam to all my brothers and sisters in Islam form around world and specially in China,
    I have heard that Muslims in China are under government pressure like in many other countries. I think Muslims must be more active and show their peace and kindness to all world, so they can contribute more in governing their countries. And Allah is with them, for sure.



    • Mr.Jadiyath

      What i understood is that ur family is under pressure of masonic agenda of channeling spirits or ur family members.rite? I know its quite common.They (freemasons) take children alot for MK_ULTRA project purposes.All u need is to recite holy verses of QURAN everyday in early morning and at dawn.These verses are Ayat_ul_kursi, 4 qul (4 surah starting wd Qul) and surah Baqarah ‘s last ayat.Read them 4 u and ur family.No spirit or demon will ever touch u.Remember not to forget even for a single day.u ll b saved or refer to an islamic scholor for RUQYA( islamic way of removing demon and jinns).

  12. I somehow coincidently entered here,
    First of all, not Uygar, but Uyghur or Uighur. Your inability to spell indicates your (author’s) knowledge of us.
    Second (particularly addressed to the ones who wrote the comments above), open your eyes wider… China is a peace loving country? My people are facing brutal policies and persecution of the Chinese Government, hundereds are being executed. These are simply human rights and liberties activists who are opposing harsh Chinese policies. After the 11th September, Uyghur situation worsened, China started its campaign on crushing so called “terrorists”. At the same time, they are moving millions of Han Chinese to Uyghurstan to assimilate and incorporate the local population into their Empire. Tensions are huge there, what kind of peace and love are you talking about? They are Muslims, isn’t a muslim a brother to another muslim? Well, I do not notice any brotherhood and compassion here. Instead you are praising and supporting China, while Uyghurs are at the same time facing strict religious restrictions. Thank very much, you made me more confident that United States and Europe are our allies and friends in every sense.

    • Salam Brother,

      Please do not feel angry at the author of the blog I do not think he is praising China.

      It is obvious to any one that Muslims are being persecuted in China. It’s on the news – when they feel like mentioning it. So yes, it is swept under the rug about the human rights abuse going on there.

      I do hope things change and that China fails at it’s evil plan.

      My Duas are with you and your people in China.



  13. “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
    Author you are a real coward, sensoring, monitoring and controlling the messages before people see them….

  14. Assalaam-u-alaikum.

    I am writing to seek your advice if possible.

    I am presently residing in Pakistan with my family. The company I work for may be relocating me (along with my family) to Beijing, China. I may be there for about 3 years or so.

    Alhumdulillah my family and I are observant Muslims. I try and pray in the masjid 5 times a day and my wife does full niqaab (covers her face as well as entire body). We are also doing our best to raise our children to be the best Muslims possible.

    Of course my main concern in moving to Beijing would be the Islamic environment. Will my family and I be able to practice our Deen fully? Will there be a wholesome environment for my children? Will my wife be able to observe the Islamic dress in China? Is there a good Muslim community with whom we can establish close, friendly relations? We do not care if there are Pakistanis there or not… we feel the relationship of the Deen is most important.

    We are also home-schooling our children… I am not sure if this would be permitted in China.

    I am not sure if you even have such information… but any advice you could provide in this regard would be extremely appreciated.

    Jazak Allahu Khairun.


    • as salaam mu alaikom
      could you help me?i am intending to study in jinaan shandong.i need information on musjid close to jinaan medical university,halaal food and muslim house(purdah nasheen)for boarding and mother is worried about my deen and living style so i would prefer to board near to the university.
      was salaam

    • Sir, Madam,
      As per above request we need manpower to work in Omni Hotel in Canada . The total requirements will be 100 workers. Employees that have the ability to work hard only need to apply and must come from non-criminal origin and must agreed to abide by the hotels rules and regulations. How to apply? You can apply for any position by contacting me back with your full resume (CV): Please send me your CV and current full photo image. Email Id:
      Details needed:
      Bio-data’s of these workers in advance for us to do the shortlist before conduction of interview. Also important they must speak some English during the oral interview. They will be tested on the spot and interviewed by the hotel management. Salary: is very attractive depending on experience to be found in our salary and benefit scales in-which will be forwarded to you for your perusal. Enjoy a very
      competitive benefits package, including: competitive pay, medical & dental, 401k, vacation & holidays, meals & uniforms. Pre-employment drug screenings and background checks will be performed on all candidates
      The important thing here is speed. The hotel management wants the whole visa process be settled within 25 days time. Omni Hotels are an Equal Opportunities employer and applicants from non-EEC countries will require work permits or permission to work issued by the Home Office………… The Omni Hotels is a wonderful place. The staffs are friendly and always happy to accommodate. If you can meet our requirement? Please reply for further procedures. The management will take care of your feeding, accommodation including your air ticket. We will provide some relevant back up documents to enable the applicant get his or her visa at Canadian-Embassy in the applicant’s Present country of residence; visa will be issued upon approval from Canadian-Immigration Visa Affairs Home Office. Omni Hotels Ltd: Registered in Canada : Registered Number 7343600.
      Regards….. Mrs Rose Grand Vacancy Manager

  15. Allahuma bariklana fii rajab wa syaban wa balighna ramadhan.
    Semoga berkah d rahmat Allah bagi kita semua d saudara2 kita muslim di Tiongkok,amin ya robbal alamin

  16. Salaam all,

    I am truly fascinated by the Hui community and how they maintain Islaam and yet share the same culture as the majority Han chinese. Mashallah.

    I am thinking about teaching English to Muslims in Ningxia province, does anyone know how I could arrange this…I have heard that there is a Ningxia Islamic Academy in China?????????

    Jazak Allah Khair.

  17. Hello
    How are you
    I hope that you continue to raise issues and Dawa to Islam and ask God to admit you to Paradise
    Page on the Internet is very beautiful and wonderful,
    I have a question that is more the language used by the Muslims in Mongolia
    I hope to get a response

  18. Hi,

    I am a reporter for Newsweek in Beijing and am looking into writing a story about Muslims in China, especially Muslims looking to spread the faith. Are you still involved in Islam in China, and if so, would you be able to have a phone chat?

    Thanks and best regards,

    Isaac Stone Fish

  19. Assalam-o-Alykum, how r u?

    My name is Muhammad Ata-ul- haq Sultani, You can call me Sultani, I am from Pakistan Karachi & working in Motor Company I want to meet chines muslims & become friends of them please guide me to seek knowledge about china my phone no is 00923003993360 & email address is if some one want to give their phone or mobile number please let me know & become my true friends.

    My belive is be happy & live with those people who makes you happy………

    thanks & regards,

  20. Assalam-o-Alykum,
    How r u?

    I have an Idea which I want to share with Chinese People & make friends that My Language is Urdu & I am Very Excellent in Arabic because Urdu is veri similar to Arabic Language, So I have an Idea that I want to Teach Holy Quran Shareef to Chinese People on their Mobile Phones or on MSN, or Yahoo Chatting by voice communication, May Allah Wash my Every Sins by doning this procedure.

    Contact me on 00923003993360

    email ID is

  21. I’m a South African Muslim businessman. I will be travelling to China in April to attend Canton Fair. I will also be travelling to different parts of China to visit On my trip I like to see Islamic history and visit mosques and meet muslim chinese as well.
    I will appreciate Chinese Muslim brothers and sisters to email me

    Please suggest me the places to visit in China.
    I would also appreciate to hear from Chinese muslim business persons with any ideas to do business between S.A. and China.

  22. Salaam brother,
    this is a really nice blog u have here- im from India, and InshaAllah look forward to meetin u someday :)

    ps- addin u to my blogroll

  23. My Name is Muhammad Ata ul haq Sultani but the post given above is not by me please do not contact me about those comments they were posted wrongly

    my email Id is

    Mobile no.


    Karachi Pakistan

    • I request the webmaster of this website kindly delete my post which was posted by mistake on on October 31, 2010 at 5:54 am |

      thank you

      Muhammad Ata ul haq Sultani


  24. My name is Ansari an indian muslim , i will be visiting Fusha town , Zhong shan , Guangdong , I would like to know the mosques near by these places and also halal restaurants .

  25. I just want to find out is there anyway to get China Muslim to work in Malaysia and how to do it? Please advise.

    Thanks and regards

  26. Asalaam-o- Alaikum wa Rahmat alla-he Baraka tuhu..

    Greetings and best wishes to my dear Muslim Brothers and Sisters of China, and from all over the world who are visiting this site for their love of Islam. May the blessings and mercy of Allah be on you all.

    I am a humble Muslim from Bangladesh. I find this web site very informative and illuminating about the Muslims and Islam in China.

    Almost 30 years ago, I visited the shrine and a mosque at the grave of a Saint situated near the City of Canton. I have photographs of the place. It was then maintained individually by a few pious Muslims of Canton City- Allah bless them. I was taken to this holy site by a few brother businessmen from Bangladesh who visited it before. We took some copies of the Qura’n from Hong Kong and a few caps as our humble gifts for our Muslim brothers of Canton. Unfortunately, I have not been able to visit China since then because of many preoccupations since then. Inshallah, I shall visit China and Canton soon after this long gap.

    [ I have forgotten the name and history of the Saint whose grave lies near Canton City. I was told he was a Companion of the Prophet of Allah (SM) and he came to China to spread the message of Islam. He married and settle there and converted thousands of Chinese people to Islam. (Peace be upon this great s
    Servant of Islam)

    Could anyone kindly tell me the name and history of this great person who took the message of Islam to distant China and left his home and his comforts for his love of Allah and His Messenger (SM) ? ]

    I hope it is well maintained and regular prayers (salah) are held at the mosque. I pray that more and more Chinese brothers and sisters come under the universal flag of Islam. I believe that Inshallah, there will be millions and millions of new Muslims from China to uphold and further the spirit of Islam. But each of us must do our duty in order to serve the cause of Islam in our own way. Even a small gesture in this direction will earn great rewards in this world and hereafter in the next world. So, we all should devote our time, energy and money, for the purpose of serving Allah as much as we are all able to.

    I request all Muslim Visitors to the City of Canton to visit the Mosque and Shrine and make generous contributions to maintain and protect this seat of Islam in China. We should send a clear message to the Muslims of China that we are all with them, we the Muslims of the World! We must stand united for this purpose. That is our duty.

    May Allah bless and help us all. Amin


    A humble and ignorant Servant of Allah and a follower of The Messenger of Allah (SM),

    Mahfoozur Rahman

  27. Alslamolaikom,

    My name is Mohamed and I live in the united states of America and I am looking for a good Muslim Chinese woman for marriage so If you any one who can help me in that ,it would be appreciated.


  28. Salam brothers and sisters,
    I intend to travel to china for business and holiday so i need to know muslims and meet them,first of all i will land
    in Hong Kong for 2 days then i will go to mailand ( China)
    my email address is( please write to me as soon as you get this massege. Salam to all.

    i m hafeez from china i m foriegner i m studying here . plz any one tell me the about great muslim scholar in china who can speak english well or other english speaking muslim chinies . this is very much important for me because i want to translate some islamic english books into chinies language plz mail me my number 008613474461634
    this is very much important for me

    im overwhelmed by the number of peolpe from all over the world trying to lend helping hands to you people
    there are muslim businessmen, tourists , visitors and students calling out for interaction
    but none of you have been able to support us with facts , info , answers
    i think at least one knowledgable chap should sit down and start answering the mails and helping us out here
    and get unlimited reward from Allah !!

  31. for those of you interested in helping open little muslim eateries in cities all over china , please mail me with your ideas and suggestions :
    let’s be part of the solution to the problems of our muslim ummah!!! :D

  32. I am very happy to visit this website and read the comments of the readers.
    I work in Saudi Arabia. These days many Chinese are coming to Saudi Arabia for Business purposes.

    Please click below link to visit my blogspot:

    I have given the link of this site to my blog.

    I hope I will be able to visit China, one day.

    With prayers

  33. hello

    My name is Julia I came across your profile and became interested in you I will like to discuses some important issue with you if only you will give me the opportunity to do that please I will be waiting to hear from you so that I will tell you more about my self and also send my picture for you to see here is my email (

  34. assalamu alaikum
    excellent article mashallah, i have just come back from visiting china, i stayed at a muslim orphanage there and a muslim preschool, it was fantastic mashallah. I hope people can keep supporting the chinese muslims and especially the orphans there. If anyone wants to help support projects in china or volunteer or visit these orphanages please let me know

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  36. Dear all muslims in china Assalam-o-Alaikum
    My name is syed i am from pakistan,karachi.
    I want know that there is any mosque in Rizhao city,shandong provence.
    Because i have to go there in month of April 2012.can any body help me in this
    thanks.Wa salam .Email me on

  37. Im from India and got selected by a Chinese compnay to work in Shanghai.
    I may be there for about 3 years or so.

    Alhumdulillah my family and I are observant Muslims. I try and pray in the masjid 5 times a day and my wife does full niqaab (covers her face as well as entire body). We are also doing our best to raise our children to be the best Muslims possible.

    My main concern in moving to Shanghai would be the Islamic environment. Will my family and I be able to practice our Deen fully? Will there be a wholesome environment for my children? Will my wife be able to observe the Islamic dress in China? Is there a good Muslim community with whom we can establish close, friendly relations? I feel the relationship of the Deen is most important.

    Pls help me.

  38. Assalamualaikum to my dear Muslim brothers and sisters in China!

    My name is Zaher and I’m looking to teach English in China one day soon. I am a qualified Singaporean teacher with teaching experience in teaching English in Singapore schools.

    I hope someone can help me by telling me who I can approach if I am interested to teach English in China. My email is

    Thank you


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  40. sallam
    i am algerian men i live in bubai and i work in china i am 29 years old
    i am a business men i speack french, english,arabic,berber and a litle chinese
    i am looking for chinese muslim girls to marry

  41. sallam
    i am algerian men i live in bubai and i work in china i am 29 years old
    i am a business men i speack french, english,arabic,berber and a litle chinese
    i am looking for chinese muslim girls to marry
    my email

  42. Salam Muslim Brothers & Sisters,
    My name is Amin Hamid from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Is anybody out there can give some info pertaining to Muslim Scholar, university, community, institution, groups, club, mosque committee in Guangzhou to discuss on deviant teaching in China, rituals, discussion about Fatwa together with the Ulama’, the islamic law system, tithe (zakat) etc. We plan to have a study trip of about 30 people from Kuala Lumpur in September. Appreciate your help.

  43. alsalamu3alykum

    I’m a Sudanese young women and I was researching for a character in my new novel , he is supposed to be a Muslim from Singapore but lives in Canada, and I wanted him to be from a Chinese decent with a Chinese name, yet I had no idea that Islam and ones origin is such a thorny issue in southern Asia!

    I’m a fan of the Chinese table tennis team, and I’m so fascinated by so many cultures in the area that is why I looove knowing about my beloved religion and the life of fellow Muslims there, Ugh! In Sudan we have a great no. of tribes, and Sufi groups, so it’s a somewhat complicated issue too. There are many Chinese in Sudan, but I have not yet met/got to know any either Muslims or non, my brother did though, they were a group of Muslim martial artists in the neighborhood and he had some lessons from them, they spoke good Arabic actually :)

    I’m thinking after I finish learning Spanish, Chinese will be my next step, I’m a linguist, so I’m a little crazy about languages :P

    Of course in my research I stumbled over your blog, and right now I’m like “WoW! 8) I’m loving it. Actually I’m considering my character should be a Chinese Muslim & a martial artist:)

    Thanks for your great effort, and I hope we can interact more in the future :)

  44. I’m Achmad ,
    I am so happy because I can communicate even if only via email.
    I am a businessman and I want to do a joint venture with my fellow Muslim
    brothers in china.
    I want to do the travel business for pilgrims from Indonesia and from china.
    is there a possibility to do this collaboration, for example pilgrims from Indonesia later pilgrims from china to meet together in mecca and part assembly needs to be prepared from china.
    I really hope there is my brother Muslim Ummah from china who are interested.
    Greetings from me.
    Wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

  45. Salam Alaikum!

    My name is Mohamed. I am from Sri Lanka.

    I will be visiting the 112 Canton Fair from October 13- 18th. I am looking for new business ideas or ventures in collaboration with Chinese business firms taking part in the Canton fair or any others situated in Guangzhou or nearby.

    Please inform me all details of products and contact information and we could meet and discuss during my visit.

  46. Dear Brothers & Sisters Aslamualikum Rahmatullah. I am a Muslim Singaporean and I am shocked to observe what brutality being conducted by the Taleban in Pakistan.

    Brother and Sister my last visit to Mekkah for Umrah Ritual I observed Saudis conduct racist attitude to Asian National. In Madinah I stayed in 5 star hotel and observed they serve food for middle eastern Muslim different than Asian Muslim. Food quality was found lower to Asian Muslims. Most Pakistani Taxi Driver was found cheating shamelessly also observed road sweeper taking money from Saudi rich person who shows off his money to these poor people.

    Is Saudis 75% rich people follow Islam Teaching and take guidance from Al – Quran ? I used to know Indian Muslims are mostly greedy who try to cheat but I did not know Pakistani Taxi driver in Mekkah cheat humble Muslim come to KABBAH for Umrah Hajj ?????

  47. assalam alaikoum wa rahmato allahi wa barakatoho.
    how are you?
    I am a Muslim from belgium
    and I study in Egypt.
    I have made many Chinese friend
    and I like to know if you have in china Shuyukh very experienced
    and gives dourous Chinese language.
    baraka allah fikom;
    wa assalam alaikoum wa rahmato allahi wa barakatoho

  48. i looking a GF honest,good & be serious for relation plis add my QQ:2257103926 or in skype: realskyp
    N>B> plis no Nigerian or Kenyan or Ghanian

  49. assalamu aliakum.i’m ismail muhammad i’am nigerian and am happy to see that islam is in every were and in every nation.but my question is what are we doing to see that islam is sprayed all over the world?

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