Mulla Nasruddin in China!

Image Source: Runsuresha

Mulla Nasurddin is a popular character in folklore in many Muslim countries like Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan, Turkmanistan, Uzbekistan etc. What is less known in these countries is that Mulla Nasuruddin is also somewhat known figure in China. He is known by his Uiyghur name 阿凡提 (Afanti) or 阿方提 (Afangti).

In 1979 the Shanghai Animation Film Studio produced a 13-episode animation series, headed by Jin Qi, on Mulla Nasruddin called “The Story of Afanti” (阿凡提 (电影). It is considered to be a milestone in Chinese animation history.

Finally there are also Afanti comics in China.

8 responses to “Mulla Nasruddin in China!

  1. Lets correct this Nasrettin Hoja is not known in China but occupied East Turkistan. I wonder how much this cartoon made him to appear Han rather than Turkic. Also how much does the average Han know about him. Will they know his people are occupied and oppressed.

  2. I love Mulla Nasruddin stories! Let me share a brief one.

    [The Mulla is bent over, examining the floor.]

    Friend: What are you doing?
    Mulla: I am looking for my keys.
    Friend: Let me help you. Where did you lose them?
    Mulla: Oh, I lost them near my house.
    Friend: But that is a mile away!
    Mulla: I know, but the light is better here.

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