Halal Restaurants in Shanghai


One of the brothers asked about halal food in Shanghai so I thought I should post this link about halal restaurants in Shanghai so that Muslims from other countries traveling to Shanghai could also benefit. Here is the link:


Next up, my friend in NYC also gave me a list of Chinese Halal restaurants in New York City. I will post it soon insha’Allah

76 responses to “Halal Restaurants in Shanghai

  1. Thanks!! I really hope I get to go to China someday.

    Have you considered making a travel guide (could be online) for Muslims who visit China and want to see some of the Muslim sites? Especially the really old sites? I think Nawawi foundation took some ppl there on Rihla, so Dr. Umar Abd-Allah probably knows many of the sites, too.

    Also, are there many works by Chinese scholars that have been translated into English? I know about “Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light,” have you read that?

    I love your blog!

  2. as-salâmu ‘alaykum

    Dear Brother,

    “Seek knowledge even as far as China.”, is not a saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). This hadith is da’if. And as you know, it’s haram to attribute a wrong hadith to our noble Prophet (pbuh)

    your brother Al-Kanz, from France

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  4. as’salam’o’alikum’wa’rahma’tullah’wa’bara’ka’tahu, welcome to the blog Mystic Saint. Thanks for the compliments. I hope to you see again on the blog, insha’Allah

    as’salam’o’alikum’wa’rahma’tullah’wa’bara’ka’tahu Musical Chef, A travel guide hmm …. That’s a larger project but insha’Allah one day when I have some time and opportunity I will make one, insha’Allah. I do remember seeing something about trip to China by one of the Muslim organizations in the US. Regarding translations in English, there are not that many that I know of and the ones that are there have been translated by non-Muslim scholars. By the way “Chinese Gleams of Sufi Light” was written by the Chinese Muslim scholar Wang Daity. 🙂

    wa’’alikum’as’salam’wa’rahma’tullah’wa’bara’ka’tahu Al-Kanz, While many scholars do consider this hadith to be da’if/zaif this opinion is not shared by all the scholars. Please refer to my post on this hadith.

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  6. hey hey hey…i bummed into ths website while lookin for halal restaurants thruout my route! I am goin on a backpacking trip from beijing all the way to kashgar and really excited about it! 😀

    • assalamun alaykum,
      dear brother daiyu,
      that link is not working, i just wanna learn that ,qui ci gu li, restaurant near jiansu road metro staiton is running or not?
      on my last visit 4 moths ago, it was closed ,is it still closed or just change the decoration,
      i ll be very happt if you inform me
      also i wanna give you some chinesee od Resale-i nur Collections written by imam bediuzzaman Said Nursi, how can i contact with you
      with duas

  7. as salaam alaikum wa rahmatullah ,
    my husband got it into his head to travel to shangai this summer , and although really excited , i had my hand on my heart , thinking of how we’d manage for food there , especially since we’ll be travelling with our 4 little kids . i had this vision that , if we werent compelled to survive on lizards and creepy crawlies , we’d perish !!!!!! but your site is really wonderful and informative , and has been really reassuring , thank goodness. thankyou so much for being a great help to all the muslims out there , jazaak Allah kheir and may your good work be in “meezaan hasanaatak” !!

  8. wa’alikum’as’salam’wa’rahma’tullah’wa’bara’ka’tahu never lose hope. It makes me really happy when I see comments like yours that this site has been helpful to other. Please remember me in your duas. 🙂

    wa’alikum’as’salam’wa’rahma’tullah’wa’bara’ka’tahu Hussain, I checked the link again. They seemed to have changed it so I just fixed it.

  9. I am intending to visit a conference in Urology to be held in Shanghai in the first week of November this year. I would like to know whether the international hotels serve halal foods.

    I have seen the website mentioned above and there are many Halal food restaurants which gives satisfaction.

    How far the Great wall of China from Shanghai?

    The other thing is that I would like to visit the Province where muslims are in majority. How far would that be away from Shanghai?

  10. The website is in Chinese, I cannot read. May I have the addresses of the Halal Restaurants in Shanghai. My wife and I will be in Shanghai for 4 days, from 8 to 12 August 2009.

    Thank you and Wassalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.

  11. Asalamun Alikum Brother.

    I am a muslim from Sweden whos going to study in Shanghai for a half year. I was wondering if it is hard to get halal food in Shanghai? Is it hard for the shopowners to understand when you ask for Halal. Do chinese people eat o lot of pork, if it´s mixed in other food also? Could you please help me with this issue. Thank you very much.

    Jazakallah khair.

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  14. slaams….
    im flying to shanghai in the next few day . and would like adresses and names of resturants in shangai .can any brother or sister help?

  15. Salams my brother,

    Im from Canada and will be travelling to Shanghai later this month. I want to visit alot of muslim places and need to find halal restaurants and mosques.

    I will also be visiting Shenzen, and Ghuanzo.

    I would love to get in touch with you so i can benefit. Please email me at esmailshaikh@yahoo.com with your contact info and i will get in touch with you. May Allah reward you for what you have bought forward inshallah.

    Esmail Shaikh

  16. Salam..

    I’m planning to go on a bag packing trip to Shanghai during d World Expo. We’re three architectural students, and would appreciate any kind of help/advice while we’re in Shanghai – (we will be landing in Huzhou Airport at night )- to find places of interest of architectural / historical value eg masjid, parks and buildings, and how to get there in d cheapest and safest way! not to mention halal food but cheap / affordable for d three of us. Thanks!


  17. Salam..

    Corrections on the airport location, its in Hangzhou, not Huzhou..Really sorry for the mistake..

    I’m planning to go on a bag packing trip to Shanghai during d World Expo. We’re three architectural students, and would appreciate any kind of help/advice while we’re in Shanghai – (we will be landing in Hangzhou Airport at night )- to find places of interest of architectural / historical value eg masjid, parks and buildings, and how to get there in d cheapest and safest way! not to mention halal food but cheap / affordable for d three of us. Thanks!

  18. Hi!

    Where do Chinese-Muslim children go to school here in Shanghai, China?

    I know of a school that offers Muslim lunch, Livingston American School. Check it out.

  19. Salam brother,

    I’ll be staying in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center Hotel‎. Appreciate if u could provide me the list of muslim restaurant within those area.

    Thanking u in advance for the info given. Rgds

  20. Salam
    Dear All,

    i am visiting beijing next month for metal exhibition at new CIEC and plan to stay either at Furama Express Hotel near airport or Best Western Grandsky Hotel. (don’t know which hotel is ok)

    Please recommend me :

    1) Best rate of hotel near new CIEC , airport & shopping area.
    2) Halal restaurant in that area


    Awaiting your reply

  21. asalammualaikum broher,
    could u pls furnish me some addresses of halal restaurants in Shanghai. I’m staying at Crowne Plaza Hotel. any restaurants near by.
    i’ll be there 17-19 May, 2010 then on to Hangzhou till 20 May.pls response urgent, tq

  22. Asalammualaikum

    Dear All,

    I am visiting Shanghai this month for ITMA exhibition and plan to stay at The Panorama Shanghai Hotel in Huangpu Road, Shanghai (Rear Nanging East).

    Please recommend me the Halal restaurant in that area


    Awaiting your reply

  23. as salaam alaikum to all …
    we’ve been to china in july 2008 and plan to go back this july as well , its the most enchanting place. for all my muslim brothers theres a restaurant called INDIAN KITCHEN in most of the major cities like shanghai and beijing and hangzhou , they also do delivery to your hotel for a small fee. we survived on this, the nos are :
    SHANGHAI(yongjia) – 8621 64731517
    SHANGHAI(hongmei)-8621 62610377
    SHANGHAI(pudong)-8621 58219875
    SHANGHAI(imperial)-8621 50302005
    BEIJING – 8610 64627255
    HANGZHOU- 86571 87074777
    they have many other branches,and if you search thoroughly online before you travel you can find many other arabic and muslim eateries.research before travelling. and when it was hard to find places, we survived on pizza hut’s vegetarian pizzas and the fish fillet from mcdonald’s. nothing is impossible !!
    and jazakallah once again to wang daiyu for this fantastic effort!! 🙂

  24. Hey, I’m working for a magazine based in Shanghai. I’m interested in the muslim community here and would like very much to discuss life as a muslim in this city. please contact me if you like.

    as-salaam ‘alaykum


    • Assalamu alaikum!

      David! My name is Bahodur, I am from Tajikistan, I’m 18. I came to China a year ago to learn Chinese, it’s good life for me I’m praying in my house and going to university it’s good to have whole life in order. Especially for young muslim guy… he have to use only halal meat. You can call me I will answer for all related for this theme questions… Regards Bahodur!

      Wassalamu alaikum!

  25. Salamo Allahi Alaykum 🙂

    I am going to have a training trip to shanghai for a 2 weeks stay, getting nervous when i think how amazingly powerful is Shanghai!
    for halal food, i join all of u guessing how it could be ?!!
    I checked some of them online that i can share with u:
    1- qing mei ju
    2- sai liang mu
    3- hong chang xing mutton hot pot
    4- yu xiang zhai

    Hope u confirm if all are right or not 😉
    Thanks a lot for your help

    jazakom allaho kolla khayr

  26. Assalamualaikum
    I will be going to Hefei, China on business. Please advise whether there is any halal restaurant at Hefei. If not I have to bring instant noodle & canned food.


  27. dear brother Roslan, i think instant noodles and canned food isn’t a bad idea at all , thats what i did when i was in china, or just order vegetarian from any restaurant 🙂 pizza hut is everywhere (order veg) , as are fruit and veg markets , bakeries …. its not half as bad as u think !! good luck !!

  28. Nice to know so many People are benefitting with the Effort of this Chinese Muslim Brother May Allah Reward him here and hereafter Ameeen Y Rabbul AlaMeen .

    We are Quadris in India and we follow the Mystic Way of Islam called Sufism from the Quadri Fold through Hazrat Sayyedna Shaikh Abdul Quader Al Jilani (RA) who blessed this Earth about a 1000 years ago in Persia and is now Laid to rest in Baghdad Iraq and Our Great Great Master is from Yemen his Name is Hazrat Sayyed Mohammed Badshah Quadri Chishti Yemeni (RA) he has hence returned to the Lord Almighty and his Lagacy is being forwarded to the Thirsty Manking by his very very Eleigible Son Hazrat Sayyed Ibrahim Shah Quadri Chishti Yemeni Bandanawi (MA) , he is always travelling all over the India and Abroad spreading the Secret Message of Allah to the World and Thousands are benefitting from his Efforts , he works tirelessly though it is becoming hard for him as he is also getting Old , but still he leaves no stone unturned to spread the Secret Word of Allah which is Enshrined in the Sacred Human Heart and which is given only upon initiating Muridi in the Quadri Fold , this word of the Almighty Allah blesses the Human Heart to no end , the Heart is Purified and thus the Seeker is able to witness the reflections set by Allah upon his LOvely Creation and this goes on Happening until this Seeker of Allahs Attrtibutes is Blessed to get the Sainthood which Allah has Promised every Believer in the Holy Quran , so Oh Muslims do not waste this Upportunity as i Use this Blog to Invite People to the Kingdom of Allah upon Earth and ” Indeed Humans are in a Loss ” if not for this Secret Word which is called the Asma ul Husna , the Beautiful Words or Simply LA ILAHA ILL ALLAH MUHAMMED DUR RASULALLAH (saws) , if anyone wants to bless himself here and hereafter please try to contact me at this email id taquadri11@rediffmail.com , please feel free to contact anytime i am always there for the Seekers of the Truth .

  29. Hello!

    I’m Edo, muslim student from Indonesia. I just have been here (shanghai) for a month. it’s very difficult for me to find halal food here even I found halal restaurant it’s still difficult because I can’t speak in Chinese, so when I want to order food I just use my hand to order.

    for you who know, please tell me. is there any halal restaurant in shanghai with waiters/owner that can speak in english? and 1 more thing, is there any supermarket/food store that sell halal food ?

  30. I was in Beijing mid September 2010. The following info may be useful to muslims travelling there in the near future. As Far as Halal food is concerned I found at least one restaurant and one noodle ‘stall’ in the FOOD REPUBLIC. Both are along Wanfujing street, nearby WANFUJING Bookstore. In the FOOD REPUBLIC you need to purchase a food-card at the counter. Your purchase which will be deducted against your food and drinks bills. Any balance from the card will be refunded when you return it back to the counter. Thats the way it works i that place!

    I also found 3 other stalls with Arabic word “Mat’am Islami” displayed along a side street almost perpendicular to WANFUJING bookstore.These 3 stalls are interspersed in between other non-halal eateries. There are boiled corns offered by some non-muslim stalls. Generally speaking halal stalls or restaurants have logos or background color of some shade of green. So be on the look out for it.

    There is one mutton restaurant nearby Qianmen Subway station too.

    Good luck and may Allah give you guidance to other halal eateries as well.

  31. Salaam my brother

    My Husband and I are planning to travel to China in 2012 for our 20th anniversary Insha-allah. We intend making up our own trip because we do not want to be restricted to an organized tour group. However we want to stay in good 3 star or 4 star hotels that caters for muslim people. Could you provide us with suggestions with regard to this? The cities we plan to visit are Beijing, Shangai and Xian.


  32. salam brs / siss

    I may be about to come to Huzhou to work in a few weeks. I was just wondering if anyone knows if there is a mosque in Huzhou city (near Shanghai), and if one can get halal food easily or not?


  33. assalamu alaikum

    i going to 4 weeks business visit to “panyu” china. are thr any mosque and halal food shop?

  34. Assalamualaykum Warahmatullah

    Dear brother, i would really appreciate if you could kindly provide the address of Mosque in or near Baoshan District, Shanghai.


  35. I would be visiting Fudan University, Shanghai for 6 days. Can anyone let me know about Halal food shops in the same vicinity.

  36. Assalmu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah

    I am planning to travel to China to establish business contact with Muslim Chinese. For the time being I do not have any contact. Can you provide me with some contacts. My email is:


  37. alsalmu alikom
    thank you very much for this blog, its great, I have came to Nanjing from Syria for the next couple of days, I have two question.
    1. how to discover the Kobbla direction for pray?
    2. is there a Halal restaurants in Nanjing?

    thank you in advance, may god bless you.

  38. Assalamualaiku….
    I woulike to go shanghai, nut i don’t can get halal food or not.
    Please help me to confirm with hotel get halal food for 4 days.

    Can you provide me with some contacts. My email is:

    • dear brother, I think its going to be very hard for you to try and get your point through to the hotel as they dont speak english and dont really know about islam, let alone halal food. you can either survive on vegetarian food for four days or call up the restaurant called “indian kitchen” that delivers to your hotel for a minimal fee, contact details are listed in my comments at the beginning.
      hope this helped a bit.:)

  39. Dear ,
    Can you please help me to reconfirm as per below hotel the food is halal or not?

    Can you provide me with some contacts. My email is:

  40. as so many brothers and sisters are going to china and finding difficulty in getting halal food , why dont we all get together and open little halal restaurants or eateries in each city in china 😀 why not be part of the solution !!! anybody interested in supporting me may mail me on : amaladrs@yahoo.com
    let’s see how this will work out !!

  41. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah,
    Iam living is shanghai over a year for my project works along with my non-Muslim friends. I never had a problem in respect with food. As I well-aware of Chinese food culture, I always prefer to go to any Chinese restaurant to have islamic food.
    Muslim restaurants in china can be classified in to two, First is the “Muslim Nodules restaurant” operated by the Muslims from china’s west provincial peoples, second is the restaurants operated with HALAL meats. The first is the most popular one, established atleast one shop in every street in Shanghai and it is also available in various parts in china atleast one in every town. These restaurants are very small in size, special & freshly prepared nodules , fried rice and mutton are available here. Second type of restaurants are very few in numbers and unavailable except in the major cities like shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanjing, etc,. Also there are few restaurants in shanghai which are operating by other country franchise especially Indonesian, Indian restaurants provide HALAL foods.
    It is very important to know for those who are coming to china for a short visit is the food culture here in china. These peoples eat a lot of vegetables but mix with meat especially pork. If one want to taste chinese food without giving instructions or inquiring about the food, he may had the pork in any form unknowingly. It is difficult to escape from pork especially in Sichuan or any of Sichuan restaurants, since there they use pork oil for hot-pot. Once I ordered hot-pot fish, it is delicious and I always used to have, but I found this time some bones along with the fish at my first sight, then I asked the peoples, they said it is Frog. Then I rejected and reordered with some other fish.
    The best way I used to follow in urgency is Go to any good chinese restaurant and have vegetables, Fish without sliced and rice. For this you can require ‘No meat’ ( Bu-yao Lu) , they are very honest to prepare as per your requirements. There are so many good dishes made by pure vegetables and fruits, lot of vegetsble soups available at every chinese restaurant, you can try it very safely, what you need is one chinese person for interpretation since they cannot understand you as you are visiting first time.
    Be aware with the food. Don’t eat unless you explained your requirements. They may tell you ‘Vegetable Dumplings’ but it is stuffed with veg & pork pieces by default. Have a nice journey to China. Enjoy with the world’s most delicious dishes, soups, hot-pots, nodules, etc.,
    Mudhasir Hussain

  42. We are 4 persons, will travel Beijing & Shanghai from 10th -16 July
    We need medium class hotel for 2 badded 2 rooms, where we can get
    Indian Halal food in 3 times

    • i was in china for 4 years,,i have heard from many persons that food at dicos is halal..but im not 100% sure about it…

  43. Assalamualaikum…I am going to Shanghai and Shenzhen on business trip this coming June..Appreciate if you can share the list of Muslim restaurants around those two places.
    Best Wishes.



  45. i love the taste of food at muslim restaurants in china….such restaurants are doing a grrreat job by providing halal food at very cheap reates…

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