OIC discusses China’s relationship with the Muslim World


Layan Damanhouri
Saudi Gazette
BEIJING – Talks between the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the People’s Republic of China that launched two days ago will continue until April 26.
OIC Ambassador Abdullah Bin Abderrahman Alem met the Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Zhang Ming and the Director General of West Asian and North African Affairs Chen Xiaodong in Beijing.
Discussions centered on promoting relations between the two parties as well as the situation in the Middle East and addressing the crises threatening peace and security in this strategic region of the world, particularly in Palestine.
The two parties tackled the issue of religious coexistence in light of the Islamic-Chinese Forum coming up between the Muslim World and China.
They also examined efforts to achieve coexistence among civilizations as a follow-up to the previous forum held in Beijing in 2012, followed by the second session held in Istanbul in February 2015.
The OIC delegation in China is planning to pay a visit to the Xinjiang province to follow up on the situation of Muslims there and hold meetings with governmental officials in the province.

Source: Saudi Gazette

3 responses to “OIC discusses China’s relationship with the Muslim World

  1. Go to Urumqi in the region of the grand Bazaar, talk to the locals. many are without jobs this is despite China’s efforts to improve on the situation in Xinjiang. The Akh masjid (or white Mosque) on Xinhua (Nan lu) south road are without ceiling and no heating in winter. Attending the mosque is a matter of race, I don’t see many Hui people attending Friday prayers in a Uighur mosque even though both are living in the same neighbourhood and share the same religion and madhab Hanafi. One way to improve would be to allow some young Uighurs to work overseas and remit their income home to help the local Economy. China would be doing good if she could help issue necessary documents to facilitate this. If everyone is doing well, maybe the question of Separatist movement would not arise and people would be happy and contribute to China’s economy. I wanted to arrange local Uighur women to marry and live overseas with their husbands. That way at least they could be taken out from the cycles of poverty at the same time they could work and remit home money for their families.

  2. That’s a very fine idea Kazan considering the Uighur brothers are quite good looking. It will certainly help in improving our Polynesian gene pool. Problem is most of our women are well educated I cant say for the Uighur brothers (no offence intended) but Our men can take in Uighur wives as women in our society takes care of the husband and family you don’t have to have a high education for a well paid job. Even this, the husband need to earn a higher salary to support a single income family. Living costs in Singapore can be very high. Most family have 2 or more income earners just to survive.

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