China Travelogue by Ethar El-Katatney


Ethar El-Katatney a journalist from Egypt, also known as Ibn Battuta Wannabe, has an interesting series of blogposts about her experiences in China in general and her experiences with Chinese Muslims in particular. Her posts provide an interesting take on Chinese Muslims from the perspective of a Muslim from the outside. Here is a relevant excerpt:

And then seeing Muslim Chinese architecture was so beautiful. To realize that Islam has been here almost since the time of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). That even though they are a minority the people here have kept a steadfast hold on their religion since them. And not only that, but that Islam is not something ‘foreign—’ loving their country and their faith went hand in hand, although on the surface it may seem that it couldn’t be possible. They took the uniqueness and distinctiveness of their culture and made sure it was compatible with their religion. There is no conflict.

Here is the link to Chinese posts on her website:

Ibn Battuta Wannabe on China

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