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The Islam in China blog has been almost inactive for the last 6 months or so. I have only posted a couple of times in that period. It is mainly because of my father’s passing away that I have not really been engaged with the world. It is however how time to reengage with the world and expand the Islam in China project. Also expect to see updates on our sister website. ( Your feedback and suggestions on how to improve this website and the Islam in China project would be greatly appreciated.

6 responses to “Islam in China – Backonline

  1. Selaam,

    sorry to hear about your father. May Allah forgive his mistakes and may we soon meet in Paradise.

    Glad you’re back online brother. You’re virtually my only source of information about Islam and Muslims in China.

    I’m following a project related to the First World War but the focus is mainly on Europe.
    Maybe, as a suggestion, if some information would be available on how the Muslims in China coped with the First World War?

    Wes selaam,

  2. Asslm.w.w. very sad to learn about your father’s death brother. May Allah s a grant him jannatul firdawss. Ameen.

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  4. Assalam o Alaikum i have seen your post i am sorry about you father but you work as sadiqa jaria for him.this blog is very interesting becuase only few of people discuss islam in china.

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