Islamic Buildings


If you are looking for a good resource on Chinese Muslim architecture which is also richly illustrated then this is the resource for you. Admittedly it is expensive and it would make sense to borrow it from the library instead of buying it for the sake of just learning more about Sino-Islamic architecture. It is also a little thin on the more recent examples of Sino-Islamic architecture but over it does offer a lot of eye candy in the way of Sino-Islamic architecture. Here is the description of the book from the publisher:

Islamic Buildings is a richly illustrated volume that traces the spread of Islam in China, and Islam’s influence on ancient Chinese architecture. The introduction of Islamic architecture into China resulted in a unique blending of Chinese and Arab architecture. Islam spread quickly in China, with followers constructing a variety of religious buildings, including scripture halls, halls of prayer, and mausoleums. Tragically, few ancient Chinese mosques have survived to the present. The best examples of Chinese mosques are presented here with 125 color photographs and 20 illustrations and figures, documenting the spectacular interiors and exteriors of mosques that are still standing in China today.

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