Chinese American Muslims!


The United States is a fascinating place, one can easily run into Muslims from almost any part of the world and belonging to almost any school of thought as well as combination of the two. Thus I have occasionally wondered about Chinese American Muslims e.g., how many are there? where did they come from? when did they come to the US? etc. A search through historical archives, libraries and scholarly journals revealed nothing. After getting the necessary provisions in place and thinking about the project I have decided to address this deficiency in literature and to create a project which address these and other questions related to Chinese American Muslims. Just in time for the end of Ramadan/Ramazan and the start of Eid here is the URL of the new project.

A major component of the project is going to be crowdsourcing since this is part Oral History project. Thus if you are Chinese American Muslim or have ancestors who were Chinese American Muslims then please let us know and would love to hear your story. You can contact us at

P.S: I will be in NYC from the 15th of August to the 22nd of August so anyone wants to meet up then let me know.

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