Ramadan Mubarak 2012

Ramadan Mubarak to all of the readers of the blog. May you have a blessed Ramadan.


Image Source: Blog YAC


3 responses to “Ramadan Mubarak 2012

  1. hi,
    very good article. Understand that islam has been in china for 1000 year now – but I believe it stopped to increase last 20+ years. Last 20 years millions of chinese have been converted to christianity – and 100s of billion of dollars spent by rich christian countries to spread christianity inside china. AS china is an important world power. And the christian effort has been successful. Do you have any interest to spead islam PEACEFULLY in similar way in china…. i believe with peacefully teaching and lots of money help from mid-eastern rich countries muslims in china can also start to spead islam more…. all muslims need do is copy the christian model – follow our christian brothers method. Give free chinese koran to millions of people in china, build mosques, help out the poor and ask them to convert to islam, etc…

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