Introducing a New Contributor: Brendan Newlon

I would like to welcome a new contributor to this project, to the blog and the website, Brendan Newlon whose area focus is on the study of Buddhism and Islam in China. He is in the MA/PhD program at the UCSB Religious Studies department. I would like to very enthusiastically welcome Brendan and I think his contributions would help make this a more comprehensive project and a better place for both public as well as academic discourse.

8 responses to “Introducing a New Contributor: Brendan Newlon

  1. Welcome abroad Brendon ! What you’re doing must be truly fascinating . All the best and keep us updated with posts of your study 🙂

  2. Assalamualykum,
    I am a Chinese revert from Canada and I have been looking everywhere for Chinese Muslimahs …I find your blog very interesting! I have almost been Muslim for a year now Alhamdulilah! there arent many Chinese Muslimah reverts in Canada or US ( I am the only one I have met so far , i mean like pure chinese lol) I hope you can take a look at my blog 🙂 and perhaps you can introduce me to some Chinese Muslimahs (no brothers please!)


  3. Anyone here know Mi Shoujiang the author of Islam ini China. I am from Indonesia and interested in translating Shoujiang’s book into Indonesian. This book is very interesting and would attract the Indonesian readers interest. If anyone here now about how to contact Shoujiang, I would be very grateful to hear the information.


  4. I just came back from Guangzhou, China and had the opportunity to visit The Tomb of Abi waqqas. Was really fascinated by the islamic heritage over there and I am certain to go to China again to explore more.I would like to make some suggestions here, whereby the authorities concerned do please translate the Chinese and Arabic transcripts written on notice boards and on the tombs so that it will be very meaningfull to all those who are ignorant of these 2 languages. Thank you.

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