Chinese Muslims in Indonesia

Indonesia has the largest population of ethnic Chinese people outside of China. and Indonesia is the largest Muslim state in the world. This put Chinese Indonesian Muslims in a really interesting position, on one hand they are part of the majority religiously speaking but on the other hand they are part of a minority in the country and being Chinese Muslims they are minority within a minority. During the Suharto regime many restrictions were put on Chinese Indonesians in terms of their cultural expressions and thus the Chinese Muslims also suffered from it. However their situation has significantly improved over the last 15 years along with other Chinese people.  While only 5.41% of all the Chinese people in Indonesia are Muslims, historically speaking Chinese Muslims have played a pivotal role in the spread of Islam in the country. Many of the Wali Sanga in Indonesia, who were greatly revered Muslim figures in Indonesia responsible for converting the local population to Islam were themselves of Chinese or partial Chinese descent. There has been a recent revival of Chinese Muslim identity in Indonesia, new Mosques have sprung up with sermons in the Chinese language and greater representation and freedom for Chinese Islam to flourish. As a result a number of Chinese people have converted to Islam.




5 responses to “Chinese Muslims in Indonesia

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  2. Hi there, It’s nice to discover your blog! I’m Indonesian woman living in Xian, and am trying to find more primordial connection here in the country. Wish to connect with you for some inter-cultural understanding.. 🙂

  3. Hello im indonesian chinese and live in indonesia, a week ago ive just visited mecca to do umrah, i was seeing little chinese there. Im very interest to discuss bout chinese muslim in china. Hope to see u later. Assalamualaikum.

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