State of the Blog: Islam in China

Once in a while I go off topic. Today is one of those days where I wanted to talk about the past, present and the future of Islam in China blog. I have not been posting with much regularity over the last year or so. I even forgot the obligatory Chinese New Year message this year. That is mainly because I have been busy with my thesis work and other research responsibilities. Now that I have a semester or so of work left I have decided to get my act together with respect to some of the neglected things in life such as this blog. After almost 375,000 hits and three years later I can say that the blog has been quite successful. I have also met many wonderful people, including many other Chinese Muslims in many countries through this blog. Overall this has been a great experiment, Alhamdulilah.

Looking into the future, I plan to completely revamp and greatly expand the companion website to this blog, add many new contributors, and launch a new project on Chinese Muslims and Huis in America. The end goal of the new project would be to come out with a full length manuscript.

Also I would like to connect more with the readers, so feel free to ask me anything.

5 responses to “State of the Blog: Islam in China

  1. As Salam Alikum, I just came across your blog. I am planning to visit China as a tourist in early April for 17 days & plan to visit Shanghai, Guilin, Kunming, Lijiang, Xian & Beijing.
    I was interested to meet Chinese muslims, visit mosques, interact with Tablighi Jamaat or other organisations.
    Would be grateful if you can send some addresses.

  2. hi mr. daiyu,

    thanks for the good work. I have lived china over last four years = mainly for business. I notice many young people in large cities – really many – are knowledgeable on christianity but no idea of islam. Churches in central areas are huge and newly built – but only few mosques in small shanty areas. Even when went to small towns – noticed the farmers reading chinese bible copies. I inquired and learned its for free. Learned hunderds of thousands of christian missionaries – teach in small schools and churches all over small towns of china and converted millions to christianity. Even in park in large city – asked by chiristian proselytizers – if like to know about christianity. basically – over last 10 years – almost 40 million chinese have converted to christianity….
    Money – as in hunders of millions – is funded for these christian work by christian sponsor countries and christian chariies. The muslim population remains constant.

    I like to discuss how to create some organization – to build thousands of mosques and schools and provide hunders of thousands of teachers to small town china, teach peaceful islam, give millions of copies of free chinese koran copies all over china, thousands of muslim workers reaching out door to door preaching islam. We should learn from our christian brothers – the methodology to preach and expand peaceful islam in china. If you know of any muslim organization in the world or inside china -interested to preach peaceful islam in china – please assist to connect them – so they can work together in better way.
    My point is – i believe a good and credible organizer/organization is needed to ask for fundings from muslim organizations/governments – and then invite hunderds of thousands of muslim missionary to teach and preach to all parts of little towns in china. I m not sure if any such activity exists – if they do – scale might be very small and not effective. But if they do exist – please connect them and assist them work together better way and asist them grow in funding money and workers. Could you be that organizer or any such organization exists? Lastly – due to extermism in some people in islam – islam has a bad name recently. Please look to assist moderate, peace loving and mainstream islam organization.

  3. Assalam-o-Alykum & Hi, My name is Muhammad Ata-ul- haq Sultani, You can call me Sultani, I am from Pakistan Karachi & working in Motor Company I have an Idea which I want to share with Chinese People & make friends that My Language is Urdu & I am Very Excellent in Arabic because Urdu is very similar to Arabic Language, So I have an Idea that I want to Teach Holy Quran Shareef to Chinese People on their Mobile Phones or on Skype, MSN, or Yahoo Chatting by voice Video communication, May Allah Wash my Every Sins by doing this procedure.I would Like to make new friends & share knowledge from everybody If any body wants to become my friend please contact me I want to meet chines Muslims & become friends of them please guide me to seek knowledge about china my phone no is 00923003993360 & email address is if some one want to give their phone or mobile number please let me know & become my true friends.

    My believe is be happy & live with those people who makes you happy……… 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,

    Muhammad Ata-ul- haq Sultani

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