Chindian: Chinese-Indian Muslim

India and China are two most populous nations in the world. With globalization and massive movement of people from part of the world to the other it is bound to happen that there will be inter-mixing between these two nationalities. I found the following relevent excerpt with respect to Chinese-Indian Muslims on a forum.

a. Dr.Osman Chua Heng Leng, a senior lecturer in International Islamic university of Malaysia (IIUM) married an Indian wife and got 2 children now. Recently he offered a visiting lecturer post at a Japanese university on Comparative Religion.

b. Haji Kamal Koh Ah Tong of Simpang Renggam, Segamat Chung Hwa High School embrace Islam in 1978 with his 3 other comrades Arifin Lai, Kamal Leang and Shafie Patt. Now he is a successful businessman, commitee member of Malaysian Chinese Muslim Association. He once worked as special adviser to Nik Aziz Chief Minister of Kelantan State.
and a close friend of Hj Anuar Tan, a chinese muslim Exco in Kelantan goverbnment. Kamal Koh married Indian muslim wife and got 5 lovely children, all of them speak mandarin, indian, malay and were eduacted in chinese schools. He also once served as teacher in Hong Kong Islamic Center and school in early 1990s.

c. Shireen Ma daughter of Capt. Hj. Nasir Ma, a grandaughter of Haj Ibrahim Ma founder of PERKIM, most prominent Hui Muslim preacher in Malaysia during Tunku era in 1950-1970s and now work as TV3 newsreader married an Indian noble gentkeman. Heaven bless them all, at least our chinese lineage spread wider and conquered the Indian Himalaya to blow its prosperity East and West ! Her mum Rosey Ma was an Uihgur formerly from SingKiang but migrated to Turkey long time ago. She is now doing her Ph.D in University of Malaya on Chinese Muslim Diaspora in 19th and 20th century.

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  2. “Her mum Rosey Ma was an Uihgur formerly from SingKiang but migrated to Turkey long time ago. ”

    Allow me to correct the above mistake. Rosey Ma (now Dr.) is a Hui, not Uihgur.

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