Islam in China Webzine is back!

Its been a long long time since I updated the Islam in China website (which is complimentary but different from this site) e.g., its been exactly a year since I asked Razib to write an article about Islam in China but due to various reasons I have not been able to post it or update the webzine until now. I suppose it is complacency more than anything else. In any case, the webzine is back after more than a year. I have added some resources about books about Islam in China and a article about Islam in China from Razib Khan. Razib makes a really interesting observation towards the end of his article.

Not only do Chinese Muslims serve as a model for how to exist within a plural society where Islam is not dominant, but it seems likely that within the next generation China will become the largest economy in the world and begin to reassert its conventional position as the preeminent power on this planet. Western Muslims are wont to assert that they have much to teach as members of the most dynamic contemporary societies, but it may be that in the 21st century Islam will start looking to the Far East. As Chinese geopolitical interests spread to the Middle East it would seem likely that just as Hui aided the expansion of the Manchu into Turkic Central Asia, so they would serve as intermediaries between Muslim nations and the Chinese government.

You can read Razib’s full article here.

4 responses to “Islam in China Webzine is back!

  1. salam. can anyone help me.
    i have one friend from shandong provi nce wish to convert to islam. where can i approach to help her.
    im from malaysia

  2. say to her.that ,one wish strongly to bcome a muslim ,shewill be a muslimafter the recitation of kalimathu -thouheed.

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