Muslims and Chinese Rocket Technology in the time of Kublai Khan

While it is widely known that the Chinese were instrumental in inventing explosives and in advancing early rocket technology, it is less known that during the time of Kublai Khan Turkish Muslims were instrumental in helping the Mongols in conquering China and advancing this technology and building siege weapons. According to Muslim Heritage, between 1271 and 1273 Kublai Khan employed two Turkish Muslim engineers Alaadin and Ismail (I-ssu-ma-yin in Chinese sources). These two were instrumental in building ballistic weapons used in the siege and conquest of Hang-Chow and Hsiang-yang. The Chinese sources mention that when the weapons built by Ismail were fired “the earth and the skies shook and the cannons were buried seven feet into the ground.” The sons of both these engineers also worked for the Mongols.

11 responses to “Muslims and Chinese Rocket Technology in the time of Kublai Khan

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  4. Muslims were at the forefront of science and technology. They were one of the catalysts behind the renaissance in europe through their contact in muslim spain.

    It’s a shame now that there is a braindrain in the muslim world, whereby the most accomplished muslim scientists are making hijra to the richer western nations to apply their trade.

  5. mashallah are turkish muslim brothers have left such a bueatifull example for all of us //// muslims its time to rise ////
    when i mean rise i mean devolop more better inventions that will bring the world more information, lets be the top romodels , we are muslims , we should be thankful for that , i am proud to be one all of should
    asalamu aleykum wa rahmetullahi wa barakatuhu.

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