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Amir Khalid or Anke Jiang (蒋安可) is a Chinese American Muslim who blogs at “Allah is in China”  ( Here is an excerpt from one of his blog posts on Ramadan.

I fasted today, tightening the notches of my belt from sunrise to sunset, abstaining from any food throughout the entire day. Unlike most Muslims I admit I did consume water, but only because my health obliged me to. Nonetheless, I did get a feeling of what Ramadan is supposed to be. The holy month is a time of reflection, remembrance, and charity. As my belly ached for long hours, I thought of the people around the world who don’t have the things I have, things like a comfortable home, leisurely activites, indoor plumbing, fresh food, or even running water. I thought of all the hardships of my life, labouring day-by-day to reach my next paycheck. Never had I thought before of the people who labour day-by-day just to reach the next tomorrow. As I said my five prayers, I remembered them and prayed for them, yearning for my chance to help such people. Thank God for Ramadan. Never had I thought my own hunger could fuel my hunger for charity.

P.S: I will be at Northwestern University for the weekend, if anyone around Evanston wants to meet up, drop me a line at wangdaiyu at gmail.


4 responses to “Blog of a Chinese American Muslim

  1. Beijing has blamed Rebiya Kadeer 60, living in exile in the US for inciting the recent protests to cover its Holocaust of over 38 million Turkic Muslims since the occupation of Eastern Turkistan in the 18th century. The Muslim population in China was reported to be over 48 million (1936) which currently stands at around 10 millions. Ann Miller Darling wrote a very informative article for Saudi Aramco.

    Professor Mohamed Elmasry (University of Waterloo, Canada) in his July 11 article titled Why Obama does not say a word about Deaths in China? wrote:

    “There are 2.3 million Uighurs in Xinjiang (also called East Turkistan). When state repression of minorities occurs, Tibet immediately comes to mind, but China’s measures taken against the Uighurs have been far more severe. Unlike the Tibetans, nobody seems to notice or care.

    U.S. President Barack Obama has not say a word about the right of the Uighurs to demonstrate or demanded that the Chinese government respect that right.

    Repression of the Uighurs has been widely documented for decades. Amnesty International has accused the Chinese government repeatedly of arbitrarily detaining thousands of Uighurs who were at serious risk of torture or ill treatment. It also condemned China for what it called “an assault on Uighur culture as a whole”- closing mosques, restricting the use of the Uighur language, and burning Uighur books and journals.

    “Very appalling forms of torture have been recorded in Xinjiang, which as far as we know have never been occurring elsewhere in China,” reported Amnesty International.

  2. Hi,

    I was invited to a Church last week to deliver a Lecture on Islam. When you discuss Islam obviously all the media bias and Islam bashing come into play as well and so was reflected in over two hour Q&A Session which was supposed to be only 15 Min.

    The question of polygamy (having more than one wife) also came up.

    The way the questions are presented and the mindset from which it arises have a preconceived notion that this practice is inherently wrong and unjust. To be short, let me go point by point;

    a) It is said that having second wife is unjust and is injustice to the women, my answer is;

    i) marriage cannot happen without both man and woman consenting to it (marriage cannot be forced on anyone from islamic point of view), so if a woman chooses to marry a man who is already married, she is doing so by her free will so why are we (specially the westernized ones) to take this freedom of choice from her

    ii) Is it injustice to the First wife? The proponents of this idea that it is injustice to the first wife will say yes, but they forget that here a contract is taking place between two independent adult human beings, again based on their inherent right of the freedom of choice and freedom to associate. This first or the first three wives, knew this rule and entered into the marriage of this man knowingly and if you know it already and did not raise any objections then essentially you agreed to that. Islam allows women to put pre-condition to the marriage that they reserve the right to divorce if the man marries a second wife. So if they are so worried about it, they should include this pre-condition in the marriage contract. Who will be the looser by using this pre-condition, is another story

    iii) Islam protects the interests of all the wives by putting equality clause in matters where law is enforceable and the women have a recourse in the justice system. This has been elaborated multiple times

    iv) Adultery, as promoted by the proponents under the injunction of Freedom of Association saying that two adult human beings can have any kind of relationship without intervention from anyone does not provide any kind of protection to the women who are having relationships with married men and leaves these women to cry alone when these men move on to another one.

    v) Men want to have more than one woman and it is true of any society (Tiger Woods, Donald Trump and Rudy Juliani, are just a few examples of this enlightened society). Islam being a natural religion does not want to clamp down on this nature (fighting with your nature will lead to disasters). However does provide safe guards for each and every party involved. It does not allow men to have their desires fulfilled without them taking the responsibilities so that men who want to use this allowance should also take the responsibility.

    vi) Disallowing multiple marriage while decriminalizing adultery at the same time actually give men undue advantage over women

    Dr. Warsi

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