The Chinese Islamic Root Islamic in Arabic!

Tianfang Xingli is considered to be a classic islamic text in the Chinese language. It is divided into three parts and one of the parts is known as the Root classic. Recently I was surprised to find out that the Root Classic was translated into Arabic in 1898 by a Chinese Muslim scholar Ma Lianyuan also known as Abd al Hakim al Hajj al-Sayyid Muhammad Nur al-Haqq ibn al-Sayyid Luqman al-Sini. It was published in the Yunnan province as Al’Lataif (The subtleties). What is even more fascinating is that an Arabic commentary on the Root classic by the same author was published in Kanpur in India in 1902. This just makes me wonder how many other Chinese Islamic texts or their commentaries have been translated into Arabic, Persian or other lanuages spoken by large number of Muslims.

3 responses to “The Chinese Islamic Root Islamic in Arabic!

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  2. It may be that the Sufi influence among all Muslims is responsible for such translations and scholarship. They are the ones who truly spread Islam and literacy all over Asia.

    Ya Haqq!

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