Chinese Muslim Scholar on Teachings of Islam

“Reflecting upon this Great Learning (Islam), we see that the principle of righteousness is refined and detailed. It reaches directly to the root origin, specifically clarifying the Real One, manifesting the light of clarity of the true Tao, and stamping out the mistakes and errors of the heretics. In its quietude, it rests in the bosom; in its function, it fills the universe. It penetrates fine dust, yet it is not tiny; it encloses heaven and earth, yet it is not vast. It clears away and removes colors and guises, and it splits and dissolves emptiness and nonbeing. This is because it fully returns at root to the fountainhead of clear virtue, guiding and leading the return to the path of the Real. Thus may you escape and depart from the ocean of illusion and go back again to the other shore.”

– 17th century Wang Daiyu (Translated by Sachiko Murata, from the Tao of Islam)

3 responses to “Chinese Muslim Scholar on Teachings of Islam

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  2. Asalamulakum
    Hi there! I live in utah but recently visited modesto ca for a conference where shiekh Salm At Taweel was lecturing. I mention this because i had never been to a place where I wasn’t stared at and with so many Muslims of different races. Mashallah it was cool.
    I have never met a Muslim who is Chinese, do you find that you frequently have to explain who you are to people? I am white and people are constantly asking me, “Is your husband Arab?” or “You converted for your husband right?” Its annoying because they can’t imagine the reality that we both are with and that we both were Muslim before we married.
    Also do you have kids? I have a 4 year old. If so how do you deal with the challenges special to raising a Muslim family in the US?
    Also so are must chineese muslims sufi? Are there any salafi?

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