China to build railway connecting Mecca and Madina


The China Railway Construction Corp along with a French and a Saudi company has been granted a $1.8 billion contract to build a railway between Mecca and Medina and also railways to transport hajis during hajj to places close to Mecca as part of the pilgrimage.

6 responses to “China to build railway connecting Mecca and Madina

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  2. thanks to all the concerned people for such a religious deed
    ,laying up the railway tracks between mecca and madina
    which will enable pilgrims to ply easily and comfortably.
    thanks very much again to all the countries and human supporting in any manner.

    Allah Haafiz.

  3. it a good work to be done for all the hajis who are going for haj in next few year but ratur than this another trasport facality should also be provided t6o all the hajis

    “best of luck”

  4. it would be great for the hajis and the local people of the arabs if the railway tracks are built between the Mecca and madina.It would make the life much easier for the hajis during the haj period to travel between this two holy places frequently.The credit must goes to those persons who took the initiative to built the railway tracks. Thanks to the chinese government and the other countries involved in this wonderful project.

    Insha Allah!

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