Introducing Islam in China Website


As previously promised the Islam in China blog is launching a companion website in the format of a webzine. In the first installment we have site intro, reflections of an American Muslim in China, history of Chinese Muslims in Malaysia, ,ap of regions with large Muslim populations , pictures from the first mosques in China – The Great Mosque of Guangzhou and a couple of reposts from this blog like the authenticity of the famous China hadith and Chinese Islamic wallpapers. I hope that the site will be beneficial for everyone and there will be more reader contributions. As always comments and suggestions are welcome. Here is the URL of the new website:

7 responses to “Introducing Islam in China Website

  1. Assalam Aleykoum wa Rahemtullah wa Berakatuh,

    I want to congratulate you on your creativity and will to create and manage this wonderful website. It is time that we pay more attention to Islam in China. It is time to demystify Islam in China. And, finally, it is time to show that Islam in China has always contributed to the great Chinese civilizations. Once again, congratulations and all the best in your future work.


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