9 responses to “Islam in China: Pictures: Muslim Cook in Yunnan

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  2. Asslamualaikum

    I am a Burmese Muslim but my wife is a Chinese Muslim originally from Yunan province. Her Grand father carries the Sir Name Mah.

    I have already linked your great website with Kyaw KyawOo’s blog which is mainly for Myanmar Muslim Minority.
    Kyaw Kyaw Oo

  3. Assalammulaikum dear brothers/sisters.

    This website give me an impression that there are a lot of telanted muslim cook in Yunnan. I’m about to open a resturant in Brunei Darussalam, could someone can help me to find one or two telanted cook who is willing to work in Brunei. Just for your info, Brunei Darussalam is a small country located at the North West of Borneo, population mainly Malay and Chinese, 90% of its population are muslim. Please do e mail for further enquaries. Wassalam

  4. salam brother, I need a chinese muslim cook for my chinese islam food restoran in malaysia.if anybody can work in malaysia please contact me.I will arrange for good salary.

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