Calling All Muslim Sinophiles

(Caption: The 56 nationalities of China. Image Source: China Daily)

The Islam in China has been up for more than a year now.  Alhamdulilah the response has been overwhelming positive and I would also like to thank everyone who nominated and voted for this blog. Over the course of the year I have stated that I will address several topics which I have been to either partially address or they were left unaddressed because of insufficient time  on my part. The blogging experience also made me realize that there are a large number of Sinophile Muslims out there. Insha’Allah pretty soon I will be launching a complete website on Islam and Chinai which will serve as a companion to this blog (or should I say vice versa) and will have full length articles. For this purpose I thought crowdsourcing would be a good idea. I have asked a few people to contribute articles but if other people would like to contribute full length articles then please let me know. Also if people have pictures of Islam related subjects in China then that would be greatly helpful as well. My main question to the readers at this point would be if there is anything in particular that they would like to see in the new website then please let me know. Also if there is anything in particular which is more appropriate for a website as compared to a blog then also let me know. And lastly may be you will even get to know Wang Daiyu 🙂

I can also be directly reach me at: wangdaiyu [at] gmail [dot] com

5 responses to “Calling All Muslim Sinophiles

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  2. I have been to China once & also had a pleasure to meet a Chinese muslim lady during that trip. It felt like meeting a long lost relative, such is the beauty of Islam, how it binds us.

    It is my dream to someday travel to muslim areas of China. Perhaps you can try to create a guide for people like me, people who are interested in visiting muslim populated areas of China 🙂

  3. Right. Or tips for networking. Community related networking is always an easy entry point for business, work, studies, etc.

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