Chinese Muslims against Japanese Imperialism in WW II

During the fight against the empire of Japan in China in World War II, many Chinese Muslim Huis joined their Han brethern in the cause to liberate their country. One of the more more interesting slogans from this era comes from Huis from the north western China, “Build our own Anti-Japanese Mohammadean Red Army.” Here is some more relevant information from the book “Religion Under Socialism in China,” Muslims in Beijing also organized the “Beijing Muslim Support Committe for Anti-Japanese Resitence.” Together with other Muslim groups they organized fund raising corps, army corps, nursing corps and also first-aid corps. In 1938 a “Chinese Muslim National Salvation Army” was also established to resist the Japanese. One Muslim military unit called the Muslim Branch Brigade dealt heavy blows to the Japanese forces so much so that it was called the “Invincible, Undefeatable Iron Brigade” by other Chinese people. Da Pusheng, the leader of Muslims in Shanghai travelled to other Muslim counteries to gather support for the Chinese cause against the Japanese.


2 responses to “Chinese Muslims against Japanese Imperialism in WW II

  1. you shouldn’t forget about imam Hu Songshan who composed the famous anti-Japanese prayer in 1937, printed both in Arabic and Chinese, and distributed in hundreds of mosques around the country.

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