Muslim Descendents of Confucius


Confucius is considered to be one of the greatest philosophers of China and has had an enormous impact on not just Chinese culture and civilization but also the cultures and civilizations of other East and South East Asian countries. Confucius lived more than twenty five hundred years ago and more than half a million people in China and abroad can trace their descent to Confucius.  Until a few years ago the descendents of Confucius who were part of the minority groups were not listed in the family tree. This changed a couple of years ago and these people were added also to the family tree.  It turns out that Confucius also has Muslim descendents. Here is an excerpt from a story from Xinhua.

This is also the first time that overseas citizens and those who converted to Islam will be included in the family tree. The philosopher’s descendants who converted to Islam during the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) live in compact communities in the eastern part of Northwest China’s Qinghai Province.

7 responses to “Muslim Descendents of Confucius

  1. Masha’Allah. Yes, Confucius was also praised and honored by many Chinese Muslim theologians, philosophers, and mystics throughout Chinese history. They understood the compatibility of Confucius teachings with Islamic ones – such as filial piety, loyalty, leading by example, friendship, and compassion! I only wish I could get a hold of their writings.

  2. Salam,

    i agree with Andak, because if i’m not wrong, there are a few quotes that was mentioned to me by some muslim scholars but no actual proof to see yet that is :

    1) Looking at the ying & yang is 1 thing itself where it sybolizes the making pairs in all aspects (black/white) ie day/night – good/evil – dunia/akhirat etc….where it’s encompass in a whole oneness..etc

    2) a quote stating that a grand sheng ren teachings will last a thousand years (stated by the scriptures)…our prophet saw

    3) the old calligraphy/ancient writing of the word TAO if placed in reverse looks like the kalimah ALLAH

    4) the dragon chasing or taking care of the pearl @ the dragon has something to do with the representative of Heavens etc looking over or guarding the ‘ilmu’ / knowledge of the Heavens..etc

    well, i may not get it in exact but insyaallah some or relevance or sense..insyallah someone out there can share the knowledge/insights/research/proof from Allah on this matter because :

    1) To mass convert Chinese all over the world as the truth comes from One then spread out all to many regions/cultures/etc ie one time through Buddhism/Confucious etc. then the last our prophet saw

    2) Indirectly reduce the decline of endangered animals (exotic food) in the world etc

    3) Strengthened the baitulmal financially as most chinese are very financially strong

    4) not forgetting indirect/direct chinese related decendants or cultural aspects etc ie Singapore/Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand/Myanmar/Korea/Japan/Taiwan etc…

    # Insyallah, with proper facts/proof/ways of da’wah/etc & our doas/solat, there will be big, i leave it with Allah…a ripple also has significance…

    Take care all


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