Master Qi Jingyi Shaykh Hilal-addin Qi Doazhu


I have been extremely busy with academic work so did not get much chance to post anything. Brother Irving once asked us to post something about the sufism in China. Here is some relevant information, taken from Abu Zuhri’s blog, about one of the teachers.

A young Chinese murid/disciple whom destined to be a great sufi shaykh was told by Nashqabandi teacher Khawja Afaq in 1672, after receiving the initial training in Middle East and Central Asia was told :

“ I am not to be your (complete/perfect) Teacher (yu er fei shi ), my Ancient Teaching is not to be passed to you, your real Shaykh has already crossed the Eastern Sea and arrived in Eastern land
(of China). You must therefore return home quickly, and you will become a famous (sufi) Teacher in the land (later)”.

This student was famously known as Master Qi Jingyi ( Shaykh Hilal-addin) or Qi Doazhu. He was buried in Linxia’s great tomb which became an active center of Qadiriyya Sufism in china. He had preached Islam in the province ofGuandong, Guangxi,Yunnan,Guizhou and Ningxia before his death in 1674. Another record traced that Qi Jingyi had studied in the Prophet Illuminated City of Madina under the renown mystic Shaykh Ibrahim al-Kurani of the Shattariyya-Qadiriyya Tariqa, the same teacher of the Sumatra ulama Abdul Rauf Fansuri ( author of Umdatul Muhtajin).

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