Zhu Chen – The (Qatari) Chinese Chess Player

Zhu Chen is a Chinese born convert and chess grandmaster who is married to a Qatari Chessmaster Mohamad Al-Modiahki. She is now a Qatari citizen and represents Qatar at the international level. They met at a chess match in Malaysia in 1994 and it was love at first sight. Gien their very different backgrounds they both received opposition in their marriage from their respective families and even officials. Her marriage to Al-Modiahki created quite a stir in the Chinese media. They currently have a daughter. She currently moves back and forth between China and Qatar.


7 responses to “Zhu Chen – The (Qatari) Chinese Chess Player

  1. Zu Chen becomes simple from a glamorous looks when she was married to The Qatari GM. I also expect that she really convert because it is very forbidden for a Sunni muslim to take a lady which is not a believer i am not a muslim but according to my knowledge this what i know.

  2. great job, zhu chen. she’s beautiful and smart. she can bring change in qatar.
    @anatoly guaniezo: you’re right. muslim must marry muslim. i know it well since i am a muslim.
    @pecatur jogja: kok sampe sini segala mas?

  3. She looks very unhappy these days. All the current photos I see of her, she looks unhappy and has aged quite a deal. Sigh.

    I would never marry someone just because of love. So many other things come into play later on, and this cannot be denied.

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