28 responses to “Halal Food in Beijing

  1. Hi-
    Im curious if there are any Chinese Muslim athletes who will be competing in the Olympics?

  2. Yummy!
    One of the Chinese Muslim Noodle (Panthay Noodle) is quite a hot fancy dish in NY Metro since New York Time Publish its recipe.
    Chinese muslims are refered to as Panthays in Burma (Myanmar) mostly Yunnanese Muslim. The Panthay noodle is orginally from one of the noodle shop in Rangoon (Yangon) which sell the egg noodle with exotic spices for decades.

    By the way, brother wang,
    This blog is fantastic and thanks for the great work. I am a chinese muslim from Mandalay, Burma living in NY for a while.
    It is really great that the new generation like us standing up and contributing back to the communities where we come from.
    Together we can and May allah bless us all.

    Thant Myo

  3. Hi Ryan, Yes there are. I know of at least one.

    Waqar, Thanks for the link!

    Thant Myo, Welcome to the blog and thanks for the info. Panthay Muslims are also in the list of topics to cover for the future.

    Hajar Alwi, Welcome to the blog.

  4. Assalamualaikum Brother Wang,
    I am Malaysian muslim going to Beijing for meeting at Jiuhua Spa and Resort Beijing. Where can I find halal food around/near the area.
    Thank you


  5. In response to Fadill ::

    As in the Jiuhua Spa and Resort located in Changping District?

    Did a little asking around ::

    DingShengLou Muslim Restaurant @ 鼎盛楼清真饭庄
    @ dǐng shèng lóu qīng zhēn fàn zhuāng, No.15, Zhengfu Jie, Changping District

    Other than that, there are others located at North 3rd Ring Road, around Tian’anmen and further south to Guan’anmen or if you understand Chinese, read up the article entitled 新疆美食在北京 (Xinjiang Restaurant in Beijing) at http://xinjiangrestaurant.com/.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  6. Hi,

    I currently reside in England and I am going to Beijing this September, coinciding with the fall of Ramadan. Being my first visit to the place, I am slighlty apprehensive about the cuisine offered. Would someone kindly offer a few halal places a few friends and I can go to. Is halal food offered in supermarkets? What is halal is mandarin? Apologies for the ignorance shown. Many thanks.

    Turab Abbas

  7. salam, i would like to know the nearest halal restaurant near hope foster home.pls reply by today as i’m leaving tommorow.it’s urgent.

  8. Hi!

    Thanks for sharing! I have been dying to try Chinese style noodles other than those sold in S’pore banquet and I stumble upon your site. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!


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  10. I plan to visit Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou next april. Would you show me halal food restaurant near Fujing Ming St and downtown Shanghai and Hangzhou thanks for your info

  11. assalam…

    any brother can tell me the halal food near CRYSTAL

    INTERNATIONAL BEIJING HOTEL for i am visiting beijing

    at the end of this year.


    m. musa

  12. Dear All,

    i am visiting beijing next month for metal exhibition at new CIEC and plan to stay either at Furama Express Hotel near airport or Best Western Grandsky Hotel. (don’t know which hotel is ok)

    Please recommend me :

    1) Best rate of hotel near new CIEC , airport & shopping area.
    2) Halal restaurant in that area


    Awaiting your reply

  13. I advise you to browse “google” hotels near new CIEC Beijing you’ll find many hotels with its rates you may also browse “google” muslim restaurants in beijing and you’ll get some of them not far from the hotel area. Suppose you need a taxi to get there I advise you to ask a hotel receptionist to write the name and address of the restaurants in chinese and show the taxi drivers because most of taxi drivers don’t speak english

  14. salam,

    Is there any muslim restaurant near the the hotel that i stay. XIJIAO HOTEL, 18 Wangzhuang Road, Haidian District, Beijing

    Thank you….

  15. Dear All,

    i will be going to Beijing on 20 Sept for 3 days meeting and i will stay at Beijing town area so where can i get halal food around that area ??..


  16. assalamualaikum..i’m nazmi from malaysia..going to beijing on 1’st february..my friend told me about a restaurant called “Golden Palace Friendship Muslim Restaurant” on the way to Great Wall..may i know the exact location of the restaurant..i’ve been told that the restaurant located in a big store/mall that selling vase..thanks a lot for helping

  17. Assalamualaikum, I`m Pan will be visiting Beijing in Ramadhan this year. My conference will be in in Presidential Beijing, is there any recommended halal restaurant around it? I`d also love to welcome any advise on the accommodation with 3 star hotels around there (preference near to masjid but not so far from Presidential Beijing)..jazakumullah khair

  18. Just back from Beijing.
    went for lunch/dinner to few muslim restaurant.
    Most of them also selling Beijing bear.
    Does they put inside their cooking also?
    Are they really halal?

  19. Assalam ‘alaykum wa rahmat Allah,

    I’d like to ask you if halal meat in Beijing is controlled and certified. Also, how come all the muslim restaurants I’ve seen sell and serve alcohol too ? I’m particularly concerned because chinese cuisine use a lot of soy sauce and it might contain some alcohol.

    Jazaak Allahu khayran

  20. Assalamualaikum wr wb… I will visit China on 15 Nov 13 for 5 days. Is there any moslem restaurant around HongQiao Pearl Market, who could do moslem food dellivery (with rice) to one of small hotel nearby? Breakfast and Dinner only. What is the cost. Looking for budget below US$3.00. We have 5 people. Thank you.

  21. Forgot to put the city: Assalamualaikum wr wb… I will visit Beijing, China on 15 Nov 13 for 5 days. Is there any moslem restaurant around HongQiao Pearl Market, who could do moslem food dellivery (with rice) to one of small hotel nearby? Breakfast and Dinner only. What is the cost. Looking for budget below US$3.00. I heard that the food is cheap, around RMB10 or approx US$1.50, is that correct?We have 5 people. Thank you.

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