Praying at the Olympics

The 2008 Olympics is almost upon us. The Government of China has made special provisions for people of all the major religions including Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Judaism for prayer services. There is going to be a 100 square meter hall for Muslim athletes where they will be able to pray. Free copies of the Holy Quran will also be available for Muslims at this location. For Muslim visitors finding a Mosque or even halal food should not be a problem since there are many mosques and halal restaurant in Beijing. Here is a quote from imam Yin Guofang.

“Our main job will be to provide a place for athletes to read the Koran and pray when they cannot go to a mosque because of their schedule,” Yin Guofang of Beijing’s Niujie Mosque and one of the 15 imams in the village said.

He said the Games, a little more than a fortnight away, are not only about competition, “but also a window to let the world see the freedom of all religions in China.”

8 responses to “Praying at the Olympics

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  2. Asalamo Alaikum,wow May ALLAH will bless you in this world and life after,for having a concern of the Muslim Visitors and Athlete During the Olympic Games…Nice to Hear that When we will Visit china we have A safe place to Dine and enjoy Chinese Halal(Safe Food)..Good Luck..Thank you..

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