Hussein Ye

For a change I thought I should talk about a Chinese Muslim who is more well known beyond the Chinese Muslim sphere. Hussein Ye is a Malaysian scholar of Chinese descent and has dedicated himself to the task of dawah being a convert himself. People from South Asia may be familiar with him since he appears on an Indian religious channel – Peace TV. Hussein Ye converted to Islam at the age of 18 in 1968. He was also associated with ‘Perkim’ a Malaysian organization dedicated to the well being of converts to Islam. He studied in KSA and was also the director of the Muslim association in Hong Kong.

55 responses to “Hussein Ye

  1. Asalaamu alaikum Wang Daiyu, I have just discovered your blog and feel very happy for this opportunity to learn more about Chinese Muslims. Thank you, I will put your blog on groll

    • aslam wu alykum brother wang daiyu are u a chinese i would love to go to china n really want to go there if u can help me please brother please reply jakhallah salam.

  2. Salam,

    Hussein Yee’s Al khadim Institute is just nearby my house in Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia. Alhamdulillah, the place is become a focal point for the islamic dakwah and walfare works in this area.

    • Asalamu alaikum brother

      Can you please give me Sheikh hussain yea contact details. i need to invite for him a programme at india

      with prayer


  3. Assalaamu’alaykum,

    Al-Khaadem can be read about more here

    Mashaa Allaah, there are English lectures every Sunday mornings, and Wednesday mornings. Helpful for the converts who prefer to learn the religion in English, or find Bahasa Malaysia difficult.

    We have many activities, for kids, youth, for adults, solat classes, and whenever there are visitors from Madinah/US/UK/etc, we have special talks.

  4. Well i am very proud to see Hussain Ye because i am also a muslim convert. Well at the same time i would like to know more about Hussain Ye. So please anyone out there kindly e-mail me more details about Hussain Ye or e-mail me some websites which i can actually view his whole profile and know him better.

    Thank you very much!!!

  5. seeking knowledge even as far as china is not saying prophet muhammad,its a quotations of arab ,i heard it through hussien ye on peace tv

  6. Wang Raiyu,

    Just wondering … the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “Seek knowledge even as far as China”…is this an authentic (sahih) hadith? If not, you have to remove from this blog as it will mislead others.

    Allaahu ‘alam

  7. Wang Raiyu,

    Is the saying of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) “Seek knowledge even as far as China” an authentic (sahih) hadith?
    If not, I’m afraid you need to remove from this blog as it will mislead others


  8. Assalamu’lakum wbt

    Sheikh Hussein Yee can be contacted at:

    Al-Khaadem ( 1529/92 (W.P) )

    Lot 1034, Jalan Cempaka, Sungai Kayu Ara

    47400 Petaling Jaya

    Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

    Tel/Fax: 603-7726 4146 / 03-7726 4149

    Email :

  9. Islam is highest levels the purpose of human live, every human. if you take this way, you will experience in your self the situation how at the moment of jew, how the moment of nasrani, until you get the realy islam in your self.. so say “Astaghfirullahal Azim” for clean your heart, and find hidayah Allah.. Salam

  10. assalam alaikum

    Does anyone have the contacts of sjeich ye. I would like to get in contact with him for an invitation to holland.

    salaam alaikum

  11. Assalamu alykum.

    Does anyone able to tell me where i can find a Peacetv in Malaysia?
    coz, i talk to Astro service provider and they told me that they dont have any peacetv in their service.
    please tell me where i can find it.


  12. Salam,

    Keep up the good work. MashAllah

    Brother I would just like to bring this to your kind consideration that the Hadeeth you have quoted on top of your page is NOT a hadeeth from our prophet (pbuh)!

    “Seek knowledge even as far as China.” – Saying of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

    Its just an Arab saying. I hope you will correct it.


    Shoaib Khan

  13. Hi there,
    I have heard you talk about having beard is necessary. But I have tried to look everywhere and got never convinced where its written its necessary. I would be thankful to you if you can explain me where it says its necessary to have beard.


  14. Assalamuaikum,
    How to contact Hussein Ye by e-mail? Do someone has his e-mail address? does he have a profile on facebook?

  15. Brother Hussein,

    I have been admirirng you especially when you use to appear on local TV on religious programme . I have never missed watching your programe that features you . I am sad how is that now a days you never appear on TV like you use to be. Do you still live in Malaysia ?

    Can you tell me where / when I can attend your dakwah programme in the Klang Valley . I like in Klang .

  16. assalamualaikum
    my name is aseef. i heard speech of hussain yee in youtube, regarding subject THE QURAN. he tells that a muslim’s guide is the last testastement QURAN. the more explanation of quran is prophet’s life quoted in HADEETH. even hussain yee doesnt claim any fame. he is a humble,innocent,strong and hardworking scholar who guides us to ALLAH, through his Book THE QURAN and prophet muhammad’s life,THE SUNNAH. my prayers are ” MAY ALLAH PROMOTE ISLAM,ULTIMATE TRUTH THROUGH MORE AND MORE RIGHTEOUS PEOPLE LIKE for example,HUSSAIN YEE”

  17. Please ,could you help me to find the e-mail of shiekh Huseen Yee because i have many question and i need reply for them necessary .please

  18. Dear Brothers, does anyone know whether Shiekh Hussain Yei, traveling on a lecture tour of Nairobi, Kenya. If anyone has any information on this advise. I listen to him regularly on Peace and would like to meet him in person.

  19. a.salam. hussain ye sir has made me one of the inspiration about islam, his speeches is much commencing, regarding hadith that ”one should seek knowledge even going in china” is unauthentic according to ALLAMA NAASIRUDDIN AL ALBANI.

  20. a.salam 2 all my friends, like DR Zakir naik sir. hussain ye is one of the popular icon of islam, may allah give him health and much knowledge 4 the promotion of islam. may allah give hidaya 2 all of us, allah hafiz


  22. Sal-am I’m Chinese new convert in Islam in Philippines name Ismael Chinese and me burn in 4-24-1978 and i need is help for me and I’m quit from my family because of my Islam and try to ikhram theme but they don’t like me they like to quit me as Islam and what sud I do and ho can help me ???

  23. Salam

    If Ustaz Hussein Yee can convey his da’wah in Mandarin as good as in English, it certainly helping more
    Chinese people understanding AlQuran in Malaysia…

  24. May Allah protect all the Muslim and specially the people of Dawa.I love Shaikh Hussein Ye may ALLAH protect u.

  25. Wow just watched sheikh on the deen show he is so sincere and inspiring. He makes me love my deen more and makes us realise that we must be thankful that الله has given us such a wonderful religion. May الله grant him good health and the strenghth to use him to spread our beautiful deen. May الله reward him too.

  26. Assalam aleikom brother Husein , Iam from Palestine, and I used to watch your programmes and presentations on peace TV , I want to thank you for the style you follow in presenting Islam to the world and for your effort in serving Islam.
    I want to tell you that I really love you for the sake of Allah the Almighty.
    your brother in Islam : bashar Qasm

  27. To the person behind, whatever you to do to destroy Islam will not ever happen.

  28. Assalmualaikom brother

    Can you please give me Hussien Yee’s contact details. We want to invite him in Oman for dawah lecture.

    Jamal Maca-alin

  29. assalam alaikum
    sir i have some chinese friend for few days and i want to convey daawah .Therefor i am looking for muslim chinese scholars.If u could pls help me find one

  30. Very anxious to meet Brother Hussain Yee.
    I am from Sri Lanka.
    I visited Malasiya twice this year but could not find his contacts. Please help me by emailing his contact as I may visit Malaysia by mid of next month.

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