Earth Quake in China – II

This is going to be slightly off topic because of the earthquake in China but may be this is not really off topic since in Islam we are supposed to put the people first regardless of their background. More than 10 days have passed since the earthquake and the deathtoll is close to fifty thousand and the search for survivors has ended. Aside from the tragedy of loss of human lives there are also other tragedies like many parents losing their only child. Many children who lost their lives were at school when the quake hit. Thus let us all Muslim brothers and sisters pray that may Allah make their grief bearable for people who lost their loved ones. Ameen. There are also thousands of children who have been orphaned because of the earthquake. Lets hope and pray that all of these children are adopted and find a good place to live. Numerous international agencies have also shown interest in adopting the children but the government is still looking into the matter. If anyone has more information then please let me know. I will post the information here insha’Allah. There are also many stories of bravery and heroism that are coming from China. One of the most inspiring is that of Jiang Xiaojuan who is a policewoman and the mother of a 6-month-old boy, she went to the affected areas and breastfed at least nine babies whose mothers were effected by the earthquake.

2 responses to “Earth Quake in China – II

  1. It was reported in today’s newspaper, The Sunday Times, that the death toll from China’s earthquake has topped 60,000 and may surpass 80,000 – Hearing the news was shocking – Seeing the pictures published in the newspaper was heartbreaking – Watching the news telecast was depressing….that left many, speechless and helpless.

    May God give His Mercy to those people who were affected by the recent earthquake. May God ease the burden of these people in coping with their lost, giving them courage to move on with their lives. May God touch more hearts from all over the world to help the people in China dealing with this unexpected terrible natural disaster. Aameen. Aameen. Aameen.

  2. 2jay, yes it is heartbreaking. Also sorry for such a late reply. Ameen to all of your duas. It was indeed a great tragedy. May Allah make it easy for the survivors.

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