23 responses to “A Muslim Village in china – Wen Min

  1. Mr. Wong, there is also a mosque in Shenzhen. I have written something on the same subject. Please see my blog entitled minorities in China.

  2. Assalamualaikum,

    Thank you! I have been a silent reader so far and never thought you would find Anak Alam. FYI, I am of Chinese-Malay descent too, hence there is an interest in ‘the root’. The Chinese is on the paternal side. Unfortunately we have lost contact with them, no longer speak the lingo or dress in the costume.

    Anyway, this article was edited and published at Brunei Times, http://www.bt.com.bn, sometimes back in Nov 2007.

    There is also another article on Chinese Muslim at the blog: http://anakalam.blogsome.com/2008/01/03/a-funeral-at-the-best-strategy-road-mosque/. This is also an unedited version, so please excuse the glaring grammatical errors. You might want to read the edited and published version at Brunei Times, I believe this was in March 2008.

    I am hoping to write more on Muslims I met at Dali and Zhaotong, insya-Allah.

    In the meantime, please continue writing and should you be in Malaysia, drop us here a line for a possible meet up. Should we of the same feather, might as well flock together, 😉



  3. brandonzin, peace be upon you and welcome to the blog. Thank you for the link. I will post it soon.

    irfan, as’salam’o’ali’kum, welcome to the blog. I am glad that you liked the mosque.

  4. Mr. Wang, I am not a Muslim, but I have a lot of respect for your religion.

    As you can see from the link, the people at the mosque seemed to be very relaxed. I hope all Muslims feel at home in China.

    I think your blog is very interesting. I like to know more about the Muslims in China. I will read your blog from time to time.

  5. brandonzin peace be upon you, My apologies for the late reply. I was tied up with school work. The key to good relations between different cultures, religions and countries is that we all make an effort to understand each other and try to see the perspective of people who are different from us. Especially the Hui Muslims feel at home in China, they are indistinguishable from the Han except that they don’t eat pork. I am glad that you liked the blog. I hope to post more useful information in the future.

  6. Alslmoalikom

    My name is mohamed from America and I am looking for a chinese muslim woman for marriage, so please if u know a website or a place to get access to get a good muslim woman in china.

  7. MASHALLAH YOU HAVE DONE IT.Iam in need of achinese muslim lady of btn25-28 year height is 5.4-5.8 amedic if possible to marry is it possible. if so contact me.Assalaam alykum

  8. As Salaam Alaikum ,

    Nice to thear about the Muslims in China , though it is a very very closed state , but still it has always very kind to the Muslims and thanks to its leadership and their policies all Muslim nations have very very Good relationship with China and we hope the ties would become more amd more strong , but there are some in the world who want these ties to break , but Insha Allah it will never happen as it has been Prophesised that “China will support the Muslims ” and in this way Allah will make it the strongest Nation on Earth . Ameen .

    We would want CHina to become more and more stronger day by day and become a Super Power and give justice to all the people to whom Justice has always been denied . Ameen .

  9. As’salam’o’alaikum moses, No comment.

    wa’alaikum’as’salam Tanvir, Welcome to the blog. May Allah make your dua regarding ‘China helping other Muslims’ true. Ameen.

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  11. As Salaam Alaikum .

    Im really glad to see such a websit conecting people

    espeatually muslimes from all araound the world ..

    shearing idyas and speratual thughtes to show the real

    musllim personality.. 🙂

  12. Can one tell me of an Imam that can speak english in Shenzhen because i want him to marry me and an Indonesian sister. I will be traveling to Shenzen on Mar 27, 2010, thanks

  13. Salam brothers n sisters,

    i am moving 2 china 4 work. My add wil be:

    sanecore industrial park,
    jiuwei village,
    xinxiang town,
    boan district,
    shenzhen, china.

    Could anyone tell me if i can find a mosque near by, my email is given here plz contact me. Alternatively please give me cotact details of a muslim commitee whom i can contact.

    Allah hafiz

  14. Very nice . China is a great country and so is her people.It will be good enough if more & more about Islam in China is let known

  15. asslamualaikum to all muslim.alhamdulelah i am muslim .i am from pakistan ..and i am in 16 year old..Allah hafiz to all

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