Inscription at Ashab Mosque in China

Here is translation from an inscription at Ashab Mosque also known as the Huaisheng (devoted to the Prophet”, or else “devoted to the sage” ) Mosque.  (Source: China Heritage Quaterly).

This was the first mosque of the people of this land. This auspicious mosque is named the Mosque of The Ancient and The Old, is called the Mosque of the Congregation and the Street, and is titled the Mosque of the Companions. It was built in the year 400 AH (Song dynasty; 1009CE). Three centuries later, Ahmad bin Muhammad Quds, the renowned Hajji, the “Foundation”, of Shiraz, built this soaring dome, widened the entrance, redecorated the doors and renovated the windows, completing the works in the Hijra year 710 AH (Yuan dynasty; 1310CE). May the Almighty God be pleased by this act, and grant him mercy, and have mercy upon (the Prophet) Muhammad and his family.


6 responses to “Inscription at Ashab Mosque in China

  1. Asalaamoalaikum, Thank you for all this information and beautiful pictures. Do people still pray in this mosque? Is it active?

  2. Assalamu alaikum,

    Jazakallah khair for such an amazing blog. It’s so fascinating for us sitting here in the US, who are so sheltered culturally, to be exposed to such wonders.

    I also wanted to let you know about a new service called I hope you choose to spotlight your blog there, I think it would do really well… and would bring a lot of traffic here.

    May Allah SWT guide us all.

  3. wa’alaikum’as’salam Best, welcome to the blog. I am glad that you liked it. Also thank you for letting me know about this website. insha’Allah I will register.

  4. It is really so, but some aspects are missed or disputable. I’ve looking for this information for a long time! What more can I find about it?

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