Chinese American Muslims in NYT


The New York Times recently had an article on home education amongst American Muslims. Incidentally the article also mentions Chinese American Muslims. This also shows that although there are not many of us but there are still a few. 🙂

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  1. Assalaamu’alaikum Wang Daiyu,

    I’m not sure what you mean with “here are not many of us,” but Chinese Muslims, American or otherwise, are not few. They are probably merely low profile.

    The total number of Chinese Muslims in China alone is greater than the number of all Muslims in Malaysia.

  2. Interesting! So you are a Chinese Muslim in America? What’s your story? I am Pakistani, but we’re a dime a dozen 😛

  3. Muslims or Islam in China has a low profile image. In Malaysia, most of us (Malay Muslim) have significant dichotomy between Chinese and Muslim, though the Chinese much much earlier revert to this faith.

    In fact, the trace of Chinese among Malay is significant especially east coast Malays and some Northern Malays.

    Hope, the Muslim Chinese can migrate to Malaysia and show to the Malays Muslim Chinese better than themselves.

  4. Gurindam Jiwa wa’alaikum’as’salam, You are correct that there are a lot of Muslims in China. I was referring to Chinese Muslims in America, There are not many Muslims from China in USA. I do know that Many Muslims from China who come as students do not remain so when they go back after a few years. 😦

    Fareed wa’alaikum’as’salam, Welcome to the blog. I am a Sinophile American Muslim. Pakistanis being dime a dozen lol. Pakistan does have the second largest number of Muslims in the world.

    Darvish. Yes it is. 🙂

    Karl, Yes you are correct. I am aware of this dichotomy. This is quite unfortunate. This is a reason why many Chinese people do not convert to Islam.

    • Salaam,

      I’m curious about where I can find a Chinese Muslim Masjid in New York, or where the centers of Chinese Muslims are in the New York Area.

  5. may allah protect and take care of all of you.
    I love knowing that I have the umm of the rasoole SAW as my brothers and sister all over the world.

  6. assalamou alikom
    i am fond of converts stories but i can’t easily find chinese conversion would you please brothers and sisters in china publish your journeys to islam,for i am very interested and it really helps us born-muslims to look at this great religion from the point of view of people who made of it their choice through logic and reason.
    assalamou alaikom

  7. Nasra, welcome to the blog and ameen to your dua.

    wafa wa’alikum’as’salam wafa, Chinese conversion stories are rare for the reason that Chinese converts are rare. Muslims are not really active in giving dawah to the Chinese people.

    • assalamu alaikum. iam really worried about the situation of muslims in china. i feel they are far away from islam. many dont know basic islam. i went to yinchuan,ningxia. i had to pray a jummah over there in a small muslim village, they dont how to perform jummah kutbah. muslim women many dont wear hijab. they have some small cap like thing or a small cloth self designed in the name of hijab. they follow islam on the base of their tradition, but dont follow with its real meaning. i was to marry in china and went very close to marry a girl in ningxia, but my family did not allow me to marry. iam from india.
      most of the chinese muslim have national pride more than islam. i really want to marry and live in china and do some dawah, but allah dont want me to stay in china. should be some strong work done to reform the muslims in china to turn back true islam. i worry about my brothers and sisters in china. may allah guide them and return them back to his deen

  8. Lovely write-up. I presume another reason why convert stories are rare is to protect themselves against oppression from family and peers. Other than that, the smile on this girl’s face clearly depicts her contentment in Islam.

  9. Assalamualikum,

    I am from Bangladesh, this is an interesting blog, and it seems that we muslims are now spread all over the world. Is there any web site on the status of muslims in each of the coutries. That would be great to know.

    Allah hafiz.

  10. I am from a Chinese Muslim family, but i never get the proper teaching of Islam. Moving to America is the best thing ever happen to me. Not because that my live is better( we are still very poor in the states family of 5 live is 2 room apartment). Moving to America is the best thing every happen to me because it open my eye to Islam. I want and prayed in my first life in the masjiid in St.louis.

  11. Assalam alykom brothers and sisters. I have lived in NYC for a long time and never met a muslim brother or sister (I heared there were some but never actually met any) and I would really really love to meet a Chinese muslim family. For one thing I have a great deal of respect for the chinese culture as whole, not to mention that Chinese poeple have such determination that facinates me. If you are a Chinese muslim brother or sister, that live in NYC Please contact me and lets have a talk. Now, I live in NC but I go to NY very often.

    Thank you for contacting me. My name is Mohamed and my email is

    Assalam alykom all

  12. Hajar, Hey I finally replied to your message. By the way the girl is actually a born Muslim and not a convert. 🙂

    Jahed, wa’alaikum’as’salam. Yes Muslims live all over the world. I do not know of any such website but it would be interesting to know.

    Natasha, Welcome to the blog sister. Ningxia is the name of a relgion in China.

    Chuan, That is awesome brother.

    Mohamed wa’alaikum’as’salam, Welcome to the blog brother.

  13. Assalamu alaykum, just watching a programme on youtube though has nothing to do with chinese muslims but just Islam in general, i decided to google ‘chinese american muslims’ and here i am.

    I am African but going to China soon inshaAllah, as it fascinates me, might be there up to a year to learn the language. Few things i’ve always been curious about, Chinese Islamic Phrases, if you or anyone cares to share. Like Eid Mubarak, other Islamic greeting or sayings anything really. Thankx


  14. As salaamu alaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh

    I was pleased to find this. I am interested in meeting Chinese Muslims. I want to learn Mandarin. Is that the chinese language Chinese muslims speak most? Please contact me at

    jazakAllah khayran

  15. I was reading about the history of the muslims contribution
    to martial arts and would like to know what are the chinese characters for “hui zui” muslim warrior.

  16. Dear Brothers/Sisters in Islam,

    As-salaam Aleikum Waramotullahi Tahala Wabarakatu,How are you today I hope all is well with you and your family? we do not know why you keep silent to the mail we send to you, you would have listen to hear from us. to know why we are contacting you the purpose,

    We the Muslim student of Yaba Polytechnic ( in Abidjan Cote D’ Ivoire In West Africa) solicit for fund from our beloved brothers and sisters in Islam to build a befitting mosque in our institution. This mosque is urgently needed for two specific reasons.

    1. Though the school is a small one, they are at least six Christian churches and no single mosque in the premises, so the Christians use this to intimidate the Muslims every single opportunity they get.

    2. Cote d Ivoire is a Christian community consisting of about 55% Christian and like 45% Muslim, so we see this as a big challenge and we want this mosque to spread Islam the religion of peace.

    Because we the Muslim student as been considered as the minority, the school authority are making things worst. The Rector and his subordinate are all Christians and so they have been turning deaf ears to our cries. After much progress and boycotting of school activities, they could only provide a land where we can mount the mosque so it is left for us to seek for fund and build our mosque.

    So as true Muslims, we see this as a Jihad that is to help rise the mosque for ALLAH (S.W.T) in our noble but self center institution and the community. 賎ive generously for the cause of God and do not with your own hands cast yourselves unto destruction. Be charitable; God loves the charitable(SURA 2:195) BAQARA we are crying out fisebilillahi,

    so we can have a mosque together, pray, bring our brothers and sisters back to the right path and most importantly spread the one and only religion Islam. After consulting the builders, they have estimated the cost to be $47,500 United States (8,550,000 F.CFA). May Allah bless you as you contribute to spreading Islam in no small way.

    Fight for the cost of God, with your wealth and with your persons. This will be the best for you if you both knew it (SURA 9:41) AL-TAUBAH.
    Please note: We would appreciate any, no matter how small or how big. hose that do God works shall have a good reward and more blessings(SURA 10:26).

    Whoever is interested in investing in ALLAH (S.W.T) work can do so by contacting the Amir of the Muslim student; Abdul Hamed.
    TEL +225 0823 7455 or / +225 0704 9575,
    No one does business with ALLAH (S.W.T) and runs at lost.

    And if you don;t want to be known and you want to just contribute to this noble course, you can just help buy contributing what you can to build this mosque. You can ask for the information to send your contribution to help build the mosque and other information.




  17. As-salam alaykum waRahmatuLlahi waBarakatuHu.
    I’m a muslim living in europe, and i’m doing alot of studies and researches about chinese muslims, and Islam in China. I’ve many muslim friends in China alhamduliLlah, and i had the chance to study kung fu at the Xi’an great mosque.
    I’d like now to meet or know now some chinese muslims in the west!
    Insha’Allah contact me at: epoc86@msn.con (this is my msn), or (yahoo messenger).

  18. 1 of my friend want to marry Chinese half american Muslim dats my friends dream but i dont know how she will find as she is African and i think Asian ppl don’t like Africans

  19. Nisha
    As salamu alaikum,
    I am a chinese muslim from Nepal who would like to know more about chinese muslims.Anyone interested can contact me.
    Was salem.

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