Hui Muslim Bussinesses targeted in Tibet

While the news media has been abuzz regarding the recent unrest in Tibet and people have noted the damage to Tibetan and Han Chinese businesses in Tibet, Hui Muslims working in Tibet have greatly been effected by the violence. Many if not most of the meat shops in the area are owned by Muslims and were targeted by the rioters. Here is an excerpt from BBC:

Most of the Chinese and Hui Muslim places were targeted, many Hui Muslim beef shops were burnt, also stationery shops, banks, a wholesale market at Tsomtsikhang (one of the most important Tibetan markets, where many shops are owned by Chinese and Hui Muslims).

4 responses to “Hui Muslim Bussinesses targeted in Tibet

  1. Yeah..
    it also become our concern in Indonesia. Some people post in Indonesia blogs, sites, mailing list, about the riot, the victims, and some even protest about misleading by CNN.

    There were also debates between pro-Tibet and pro-China Unity and, of course, the neutral ones who believe it is a matter between China and Tibet and none of Indonesia should be involved.

  2. May Allah protect our brethren souls as well as innocent people. No blankets and barbaric action towards anyone.

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