22 responses to “Islam in China: Pictures: The Great Mosque of Xian (iv)

  1. I love the photos of these beautiful Chinese mosques, almost temple-like. The project a calm and welcoming that are unique 🙂

    Ya Haqq!

  2. theveiledtsunami, Yes it is a very serene place. Its not just in the West but in many other parts of the world many people do not know about Muslims in China.

    darvish, Yes Chinese Mosques are very unique. The newer ones however look more like Middle Eastern Mosques.

    juhah, insha’Allah 🙂

    asqfish, Good idea. Someone should do a bibliography on “Chinese Muslims”

    askmuslims and Londoner, Welcome to the blog

  3. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Wow, masha’Allah. It’s great to see a mosque in the Chinese style; would love to see photos of how the mosque is inside too! Very interesting, eye-opening blog. 🙂

    Umm Ibrahim

  4. Assalamu alaikum,

    I’m visiting Guangzhou at the end of April 2008 and I was wondering if there were Muslims in the neighbourhood. Not only for the halal food, but also for the muslim community and the mosque (looks very sereen the great mosque!)and other Islam related places. And so I came across this blog! Any advices for how to get in touch with muslims in Guangzhou?

  5. wa’alaikum’as’salam’wa’rahma’tullah, Shari Hasanradja welcome to the blog and best of luck on your trip. I wish I could help you regarding Guangzhou but unfortunately I do not know anyone there.

  6. Salam, alhamdulillah, Islam is flourishing in every corner of the world. I can’t imagine how strong iman was for sahabi (companion of the Prophet s.a.w) in spreading Islam. When Prophet order Saeed Ibn. Waqqas to go to China, he immediately agreed. Imagine at thet time no aircraft, no speed boats or car, he agreed to go to China to spread Islam. MasyaAllah. He perhaps went to China via Khyber Pass, the Silk Route on horseback, sometimes walked, and sometime had to climb rocky or mountainous traces of roads. How strong was his conviction and iman believe) in Islam. The result, now we see, China has the 10th largest Muslim population in the world ! MasyaAllah. Because of his strong iman like ‘rock’ the dark era for Hui, Uiygurs had changed. All companions of the prophets were so solid with iman, non comparable to us of today’s. May Allah bless Saeed r.a and place him in the highest degree of jannah (paradise). Amin

  7. Assalaamu alaikum,

    Very useful site.
    Am planning to visit Guangzhou, China by end of December
    with my family.( My first trip to China)

    Will be delighted to get some “Tips”


  8. oii people my name is kevilim and I love the china have I traveled to India but was a disaster could speak in the language they did not know our view but it was still wonderful

  9. Allhamduliila its great to know that i have brothers who live even far east in chine who prays for me..
    may allah acept our prayers
    ( Ihdina sirathal musta qeem)..

  10. Ya AllaH allOw me to visit this beautiful mOsque sOmeday even once in my wHole lifE!!

    Alla’humma salli Ala muhammad wa Ala a’Lihi..

  11. Ya AllaH allOw me to visit this beautiful mOsque sOmeday even once in my lifEtime!!

    Alla’humma salli Ala muhammad wa Ala a’Lihi..

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