28 responses to “Islam in china: Photos: Masjid Cheng Ho

  1. Daiyu, Insya Allah you will be given the opportunity.

    I understand that the mosque was built in 2002, officially opened to the public in 2003 and was inspired by Masjid Niu Jie in Beijing.

    Love the luminosity. Simply breathtaking.

  2. Assalamu’alaykum Wr. Wb. Ye’ll


    I’m from Indonesia, i know that mosque well, it is located in Surabaya, capital city of east java province, about 800 kms far from Jakarta…

    It was built by the Persatuan Islam Tionghoa Indonesia (Indonesian Chinnese Muslim Unity)…

  3. wa’alikum’as’salam’wa’rahmatullah Khurram, I guess Ari has already answered the question. 🙂

    wa’alikum’as’salam’wa’rahmatullah Ari That’s so cool. I did not know about that. If you can provide us with more information about the masjid then that would be cool.

  4. i just return from beijing, like Hajar said.. this masjeed just like Niujie.
    just missed the place. i would like to visit china again.
    but makkah is the priority. never been for hajj yet.
    after makkah, then Egypt.. after that china…

  5. I’m from surabaya Indonesia, next month i will go to shanghai china on sept 09,i want go to masjeed,but idon’t know what’s the name of masjeed at shanghai and where that’s masjeed adress,because may be until iedul fitri i’m stay there,help me please friends

  6. What a beautiful Masjid !!
    i love it very very much!
    terima kasih !!! Tuhan!!

    merdeka! orang indo !

    selamat untuk Asia selatan !

    bahagia untuk Asia selatan!

    let’s make a new world !!

    no more passport !

  7. REQUEST to all MUSLIMS:
    Dont say “Mosque”
    say “Masjid” bcz Islamic org has found that
    “Mosque = Mosquitos”
    Dont write “Mecca”
    write correctly “Makkah” bcz “mecca=house of wines”.
    assalam alaikum

    Dont write “Mohd”
    write completly as “Muhammad”
    “Mohd=the dog with big mouth”.
    Plz Plz Plz Fwd it to more Muslims…

  8. Subhaanallaah!! Islam mmg agama yg bs hidup dimanapun! di Surabaya,Indonesia jg ada Masjid Muhammad Cheng Ho.

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