Wang Daiyu’s Random Observations

(Note: By Wang Daiyu I mean myself and not the famous scholar.)

Today I will be taking a break from regular blogging and will be going slightly off topic and talking about a few random things about life, Islam, America, China etc.

  • Depending upon where you live you can see the most integrated and the most segregated mosques in the world in America. By that I mean one can see mosque where one can find people from only one ethnic group from a particular country who live in closed world. One can also see mosques with dozens of ethnicities praying and interacting with one another. Its just amazing.
  • Indian pop culture’s global reach can be measured by the fact that the book “Dislocating China” about Chinese Muslims and other minorities has a small picture of one a movie poster of India’s most famous actor Mr. Bachan on the cover.
  • I thought I had seen cold weather but the Midwest is crazy. In Twin Cities high temperature was -1 F a couple of days ago.
  • In the coming weeks I will be tackling the controversial issue of Chinese Muslims in Malaysia. I used to think that Malaysia could be a model Muslim country but I have somewhat changed my opinion. 😦
  • When people think that they are invincible they need to be reminded the following inscription from Alhamra, “Only God is the victor.”

2 responses to “Wang Daiyu’s Random Observations

  1. Assalamu’alaikum.

    I found this blog is interesting. It gives me some info about my brothers and sisters in China. Alhamdulillah and jazakallah. Anyway I am a muslima from Malaysia. What you have said about the country is hard for us as muslims to accept, but im sorry it is true. Malaysia is still not the best to be as a model muslim country, but we are working hard toward it. Perhaps we, muslims around the world, should work together.

    Prophet Muhammad (saaw) said,

    “The Faithful are to one another like [parts of] a building – each part strengthening the others”

    Hope you can visit Kelantan if you come to Malaysia. wasalam 🙂

  2. Malaysia is the hope of the future of Islamic finance. Lets work and cooperate with them to develop that specialty.

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