Sheikh Liu Zhi on Gender Equality in Islam

Here are a few sayings of the Chinese Muslim scholar Sheikh Liu Zhi on Gender Sheikh Liu Zhi excerpted from The History of Women’s Mosques in Chinese Islam by Maria Jaschok.

“… parents follow God’s will when they bring children into the world, is this not the case? So all children should be treated in the same way regardless of their sex or their mental abilities.”

“Don’t be overjoyed at nearing a son and disappointed at a daughter. Whether a boy or a girl is born is decided by God.”

“One should not think that with a son one has nothing to worry about, or with a daughter one has nobody to rely on. What is more, the sex of a child is preordained. It will not change in line with one’s preference. Keep in mind that it is God who has arranged for the baby’s sex, and welcome both boys and girls to your family. Then you will find peace in your mind.”

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