“Our Muslim Sisters” by Lu Jiye and Wang Hailan

The following poem (source: Arab Studies Journal) was written by two Chinese Muslim women Lu Jiye and Wang Hailan, first published in 1993.

Our Muslim Sisters

How can we confine ourselves to the closed courtyards?
May the eyes of the world stare us into faltering,
But for Islam
We must go forth to meet the movements of change.
Ah, Muslim sisters –
Let us go out of this door to purify ourselves in the light of sun,
Release our life-energies,
Give our existence still greater meaning,
And our life, splendor.
Sisters, let us walk arm-in-arm!


3 responses to ““Our Muslim Sisters” by Lu Jiye and Wang Hailan

  1. salam sister,

    i’m from malaysia.
    i wish to to china, especially in the best muslim area in china.

    i wat to takle up, intensive mandarin (for 1 month)
    learn chinese cooking for another month

    can u give some guide



  2. brother Irving, yes it is indeed quite beautiful. You are welcome. 🙂

    wa’alaikum’as’salam niza, Welcome to the blog. Do you mean you need some guidence on all of these three things or only one or two?

    wa salam,

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