Wang Ziping’s Granddaughter Master Helen Wu


Caption: Master Helen Wu, granddaughter of Grandmaster Wang Ziping

As I mentioned previously the descendants of the famous Muslim grandmaster Wang Ziping have spread out. One of his granddaughters is master Helen Wu who teaches Tai Chi at the school of Kinesology at York University. She also practiced traditional medicine in China. She is also the board member of the Canadian Taijiquan Federation and the United Wushu Federation of Canada. Her students won around two dozen medals at the 2000 grand championships in USA. She has also written a textbook on Chinese Martial Arts called, Tai-Chi, Chi-Kung & Fan. If you live in Toronto you can also train with her or take a course with her. Here is her official website.

10 responses to “Wang Ziping’s Granddaughter Master Helen Wu

  1. I am a muslim who is in love with chinese culture and the martial arts. When I discovered that Islam is rampant all over China; well I just have to find a wife there. Does anyone know if the believers there have a lot of cultural baggage when it comes to marrying their daughters to foreigners who arent white? Write back when you can. Ma salaama

    • Salam
      I am a Muslim, yes I do love Chinese and the Arab Culture. I learned a Rainbow Fan training from Master Helen Wu a few years ago. You can see a clip of her in the you tube when she was a guest star in the TV series Highlander. She is very graceful women with a kind heart.
      A very good teacher.
      My other teacher is also a Chinese lady Dr Mei who has become my good friend since. I learned Qi Gong from her.
      I am teaching Tai Chi to Muslim sisters now as my gift to them. It is a beautiful art, excellent for the body and the mind. And it will keep the body in shape, agility and flexibility. Masha Allah I am 50 yrs old, my energy level as if I am a 30yr old because of this art….

      I do not know about the culture baggage among the believer in China. And I do not know how much the Chinese Muslim women practicing this martial arts either. I am wondering about that.
      How ever I do know the Chinese Culture very well. Malaysia where I grew up, Chinese is the second largest population after the Malay like my self.


  2. Where do u lived from malaysia too…..i like to know more about this chinese martial art things since ure the student of the master…meet me at my FB..Quthub Zaman..much obliged

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