21 responses to “Islam in China: Pictures: Grandmaster Wang Ziping (ii)

  1. What a wonderful, strong and enlightened face he has 🙂 It makes me sad that the world knows so little about him. Thank you for presenting these photos and stories about him.

    Ya Haqq!

  2. Br. Irving you are correct, he does have that enlightened expression on his face. He should be more famous but people who are hardcore Kung fu enthusiasts do revere him. The larger Muslim world should also recognize him. There is also another grandmaster who is a Muslim and he is till alive. That will be another post insha’Allah.

  3. Brother Abdullah, thanks for your comments and appreciation.
    On Xingyiquan, I was going to post something in the future. There are more than 40 items in my drafts folder right now so its hard to decide what to do next! I have concentrated on Wang Ziping recently I will shift to other subjects soon and then come back to Chinese Muslim martial arts again insha’Allah.

  4. Çindeki Müslüman kardeşlerimize selam ve sevgiler. İnşallah birgün ÇİN in tamamı MÜSLÜMAN OLACAK.

  5. Selam Alejkum
    Im from Kosova and Im a 1 dan in Taekwondo and Im really interestet to know more about muslim martial arts masters in Asia and to contact them to.

    This is wonderfull that we learnd about these grand masters muslim grandmasters.

    May Allah bless them and their families


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  7. Mashallah brother wang should be a prime example not only for muslims but for non muslims alike for a man at his age nowadays could barley walk let alone preform moves such as
    his .

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