The Muslim Grandmaster Wang Ziping through the eyes of his granddaughter

I will be doing a series of posts on Wang Ziping and his family. As described previously Wang Ziping was a legendary Chinese Muslim Martial Arts grandmaster. Wang Ziping was also a practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine The tradition of Martial Arts has been carried forward by his granddaughters all of whom are Martial arts instructors, one of them even live in USA, another in Canada and another in China. The following is an interview, published in the Kung Fu Magazine some years ago, with one of his granddaughter Grace Xiaogao Wu-Monnat where she talks about her grandfather and her family. Grace Wu now lives in the USA and also practices law. The other granddaughter is Helen Wu who teaches martial arts in Canada. Here are Some inspiring words from the grandmaster to his granddaughter.

I will always remember the frustrating time when, because of the Cultural Revolution, we were limited to practicing martial arts quietly at night in a one-room living room-bedroom. The downstairs tenant would poke at the ceiling and yell out, “Be quiet, we are sleeping.” Exasperated, I would whine, “How will I ever become a martial artist under these conditions?” I will never forget the look in my grandfather’s, Wang Ziping, dazzling eyes and his calm voice as he said, ” Xiaogao, all you need is a dream. And you can be everything you ever want to be.”

And here is a physical description of the man.

My grandfather, Wang Ziping, was an extraordinary Chinese martial artist and a patriotic figure loved and respected by the public. Again and again in his life he represented the nation in soundly defeating foreign boxers, wrestlers, and karate challengers. He was known throughout China for his public feats of strength as well as his martial arts prowess. He was also a famous traditional Chinese orthopedic doctor. Even in his 80’s Grandfather had a strong body. The bones under his eyebrows were prominent, and his eyes were set in deep sockets. Actually, pure Chinese though he was, he looked like a minority, more Western then Oriental. These deep-set eyes were radiant, always shining. In addition, his long silver beard flowed over his chest like a shimmering waterfall. His unique, dignified appearance and charismatic manner automatically gained respect from other people. When he smiled, I knew that I was safe and loved.

Not only was Wang Ziping a great warrior but also a loving person.

I am so proud of my grandfather because, although he was a legendary figure, he always was a loving, compassionate, and humble grandpa to me first. Only during the years I lived with him, and, later, did I learned how special he was. Grandpa again told me many times that, “All you need is a dream. And you can be everything you want to be.” His life was an example of his own words.

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5 responses to “The Muslim Grandmaster Wang Ziping through the eyes of his granddaughter

  1. “how to embed Youtube videos in WordPress”

    Salaam ‘alaikum,

    Just copy/pasting the embed url that youtube provides has always worked for me.

  2. Thanks a lot! That was very interesting.

    I found a link to your blog at a Swedish muslim chatt. I will post something about him at my blog too.

    Looking forward to read more about Grandmaster Wang Ziping in the future.

  3. andalus, wa’alaikum’as’salam Welcome to the blog and thanks for the tip. I will try it out soon insha’Allah.

    Svarten, Welcome to the blog and that would be cool. I will post some more pictures and even videos soon.

  4. Hey could you please send me more information about your grand father as I would really like to see china

    Thank you amaar

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