Islam in China Blog: Request for Feedback

Its been a month now since this blog started and Alhamdulilah the response from people  has been better than expected. My apologies for taking a long time to write detailed replies to people’s queries, school has been really hectic lately. I wanted to take this opportunity to get some feedback from the people to improve this blog. Here are a few questions for the readers.

  • Which specific topics would you like to see covered on this blog?
  • What kind of material would you like to see covered on this blog?
  • Would the readers be interested in excerpt from the Chinese Ulemas?
  • Suggestions for connecting with the larger blogging community and creating a community around Islam in China for Sinophile Muslims. 🙂

Also if you like to contribute then I would be happy to post your entries to the blog.

23 responses to “Islam in China Blog: Request for Feedback

  1. As salam alaikum,

    Who knew there even was a community of sinophile Muslims!?! Or Muslimophile Chinese.

    Content: I especially appreciate the surprises you’ve come up with. So keep looking for the unexplored and under-reported angles.

    I would be interested to learn more about/from Chinese ulema.

    Really great work and so much fun.

  2. Assalamu Alaykum

    Same as Abdullah I would be very interested in Ulema in China.

    And I would love to watch some short video(like interviewing muslims in china, Their daily life, Salah in Jama’a, Eid…). Am I asking too much lol !

    Plus if you post the video on YouTube, more people will be aware of Islma in China.

    Jazakallah kheyr ! 🙂

    I only know of some muslim chinese forums and some site that a brother gave me once, if you are interested I will post the links.


  3. Assalâm ‘alaikum,
    I discovered your weblog by the tag islam of wordpress. I’m interested in this weblog “islam in China” beacuse as European i don’t know China and the Chinese History and Culture, and as Muslim, I’m looking for a good relation of the Islam with worldwide cultures.
    Please, do a little bit of all -it means culture, History and miscellaneous-, if Al-lâh subhana wa ta’alà gives you the forces to. Al-hamdu li-lâh the Knowledge is ever a good from the Lord.


  4. i am more like silent reader, not leaving much comments 🙂 but love the work you do here. may Allah swt reward you. I was aware of the fact that there is a lots of Muslims in China alhamdulillah, but i am happy to read more about them. It would be great if you could upload some photos, something that you find interesting. off course I would love to see how Chinese ulama is solving the main issues today…
    keep up the excellet work 🙂
    salaams from Bosnia 🙂

  5. wa’alaikum’as’salam’wa’rahmatullah’wa’barakatahu everyone,

    Br. Abdullah, who would have thought indeed that there would be many Sinophile Muslims. Regarding your point about Muslimphile Chinese (or Islamophile Chinese) well good point, I never thought about that.

    Muslimah, Ok, insha’Allah I will try to find some media and other interactive stuff. By all means please post the sites that you have. 🙂

    abenyusuf, Welcome to the blog and thanks for your recommendations. Insha’Allah I will focus on the history of the Chinese Muslims in more detail in the future and indeed on the specifics of the Muslim culture there.

    leila, Thanks for the kind words. I will try to find some pictures insha’Allah and post them soon.

    Regarding the ulemas I will post some info soon, insha’Allah.

  6. Assalamamu alaykum wa rahmatullah!
    Dear brother in Islam.
    Could you kindly tell me where to buy books by Shaykh Wang Daiyu (in chinese) in Urumqi.
    Barak Allahu Feek.

  7. wa’alaikum’as’salam’wa’rahmatullah Alan and welcome to the blog. I wish I could offer some assistance with regards to the book but I do not know where you could find treatises by Wang Daiyu in Urumqi. You can try getting in touch with someone who is local to the area.

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  9. Asalaamu alikum wa rahamatullah wa barakatuhu,

    I’ve been a reader for your blog for a couple of weeks now- masha’allah its very worth while. Particularly from the point of view of a Muslim who has of late been interested in Kung Fu (and practiced it). So the posts regarding the Muslim Grand Master were very curious.

    Keep the photographs coming- so exquisite to see a masjid in Chinese style. Really does challenge stereotypes and shows the beauty of Islam.

    I’ve passed by to say salaam and offer my first comment. I’ve just started out blogging and I am going to add you to my selected blog roll insha’allah.

    Please to pass by sometime, just started a new series called Random acts of kindness,

    Wa salaamu alikum wa rahamatullah wa barakatuhu

    Don’t be sad

  10. **please note brother, for some reason word press is linking back my screen name to the wrong blog so that’s why I have added the link at the end. Jazak’allah khair.

  11. wa’alaikum’as’salam’wa’rahmatullah’wa’barakatahu, Welcome to the blog dontbesad. It always makes me happy to find out that people like this blog. It keeps me going.

  12. Hello my brothers and sisters espcially in China!

    I am an Iranian muslim who loves muslims everywhere.

    We get sad on the bitter end days of SAFAR month for missing our prophet and get happy some days later in RABIOLAVAL for his birth.

    Congratulations! as your country invites lots of sportsmen and women for Olympics.

    We Iranian know well that chineese, muslims or not, are people of peace and chastity, so very worried about subsequent happenings of an un-islamic style of Olympic matches, which faster than anyone can think changes
    the manner of eastern chaste life toward the dirty sexual life of west. Your global guests may like to have sex everywhere, to put on clothes of every style,

    We Iranian have a saying:
    “Kheshte avval gar nahad memar kaj
    Ta sorayya miravad divar kaj”
    that means if the building worker puts the first block of a wall
    not directly, the wall will go indirectly everywhere it goes even toward the far star of ‘Sorayya’.

    Or as says one of the great loyal friends of prophet Muhammad, Ali,
    “انما بدء وقوع الفتن اهواء تتبع و احکام تبتدع”
    “Truly, Beginning of badness(in society) is in the following low
    desires and …”

    My beloved brothers and sisters! I would like you, for God’s sake and for prophet’s great sufferings’ sake,…and to save great eastern culture, to be a loyal servant of Allah and protest again current attitude of global matches in which no moral sense is paid attention to except a
    temporary joy and benefit.
    و کم من فئه قلیله یغلبوا فئه کثیره باذن الله

    “Resist evil … Fight Devil!”
    ان الله معنا

  13. asalaam alaykum
    I am very interested in studying further regarding islam in china. i work for a short film production company and would like to make a film about muslims in china. please contact me if you can help in any way.

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