First Chinese Muslim Periodical

According to the Far Eastern Survey, 1946, the first Chinese Muslim periodical was published not in China but in Japan! In the early 20th century,there was group of Chinese Muslim students studying in Japan who called themselves the “Society of Muslim Students in Japan” (Liu-tung Ch’ing-chen Chiao-yu Hui). In 1908, they started a periodical called “Muslims awake” (Hsing Hui Pien). The first Chinese Muslim periodical in China itself was started in 1913.


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  1. I found an older booklet which included the experiences of several Japanese converts to Islam in the 30s-50s. It did not include any Chinese, but I have to assume the book was speaking of converts from nations lacking any strong “indigenous” Islamic tradition.

  2. all praise and thanks to allah, it is a pleasant encounter that a neo-wang daiyu had matured and break out of the bamboo curtains and lights of islamic wisdom beyond china.

    we can smell the fragrant grasses of shaykh liu chih and ma hualong and ma ming xhin as well by the southerly winds blowing across the nanyang sea. Last 6 month, our malaysian chinese muslim association sponsored and hosted 32 imams from china to undertake short courses in arabic and islamic subjects.

    for more information, we had build a teahut blog of hikmah and dakwah at

    warmest peace and cai jian

  3. as’salam’o’alaikum abuzuhri, Welcome to the blog. Its great to see that you are doing great work with Chinese Muslims in Malaysia. I would like to know more and would post more information that I learn from your site insha’Allah soon.

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