Three Chinese Converts in Dubai

Image Source: Gulfnews

This news story, from Gulfnews, is a couple of months old but it recently caught my attention. It discusses the experience of Ramadan of new converts to Islam. They also talk about a Chinese family of three who converted to Islam. Here are the relevant excerpts from the story.

A Chinese family of three, mother, father and daughter who embraced Islam two months ago, said Ramadan is an experience although it has been difficult since it is the first time they have abstained from food and drink.

The 26-year-old daughter who chose Fatima as her name, told Gulf News through a translator, that she was feeling thirsty throughout the day and did not eat enough at suhoor because she is not used to eating at dawn.

Asma, the mother, said she was urging her daughter to eat enough food at dawn because she would not eat the entire day.

“However, I intended to fast and prayed to God to help us and give us the patience to fast,” she said.

The family has been learning about Islam for the past two months and is set to go to Haj [pilgrimage] after one week. Although the family does not speak Arabic or English, they have been learning about Islam and Ramadan by reading booklets and attending lectures in Chinese.

Asma said she embraced Islam because she found it to be a clear religion which did not exploit people’s feelings or money.

She said in China, she did not have any religion because most religious practices were based on exploiting people’s feelings and their money.

“When I came here to work, I attended some religious lectures out of curiosity and read some books and realised that I have one God and I need to be a Muslim,” she said.

Asma said she consulted with her husband Mousa and daughter Fatima who also started attending lectures and were convinced that they want to embrace Islam. Fatima said she is interested in learning Arabic which will make it easier for her to read the Quran.


16 responses to “Three Chinese Converts in Dubai

  1. wa’alaikum’as’salam to everyone

    parallelsidewalk, thanks for stopping by and for link. I will definitely go through it in detail and post something about it soon insha’Allah

    Irving, welcome to the blog

    Muslimah, Ameen to that and thanks.

  2. mashaAllah!!! i remembered when i performed hajj year 2000, i was surprised to see chinese pilgrims… indeed, muslims are everywhere…

  3. johaina, As’salam’alaikum and welcome to the blog. Its awesome that you performed the hajj. May Allah grant all of us the opportunity to do so. Ameen!

  4. Assalam Alaykum Warahmtullah Wabarakatuh!!
    Masha Allah!!

    I’m glad t hear that I don’t have “Brother in Islam” not only in Thailand but also in the east as “China”.

    I wanna know about muslim in China anymore.
    So surprised and interested!!!!!!

    May Allah bless you all things…

  5. Salam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatahu
    Peace and Blessings from Allah on all.
    It should be as important for us to know each other and network among ourselves through out the world as we do our prayers five times daily. Because without this strong network which is our Fort of Islam (on the virtual world and which will create one for us on the real world in our daily lives whether we are in a train, airplane, bazar, souq, maidan, playground, offices, buses, cars, taxis, ships or anywhere) to protect ourselves from all kinds of Satanic evils designs and influences.
    May Allah guide us all on His Path. Let us call all people of different countries to Islam -which is the beautiful garden of Allah (like rain is poured down by Allah for every human beings use and living as well as even for the animals, and what ever living inside the deep earth and mountains and water etc that we don’t see, but they do require it for their living. so who dares say that Islam is religion of terrorists or we don’t require Islam in our country, like Europe, or any other place, and they say we don’t want women wear veil, scarf because it is Islamic Practice. Ya habibi (friend) know that it is from The Lord who made your nose and eyes and everything that you are…..Ha Ha Ha…Your ignorance on Islam is like someone has tied a Atomic Bomb to your body and let you live like that for ever so all the destruction will come upon you. Satan actually wants more destruction for man and mankind (that man lives in the most dangerous place that is Hell -in the whole creation of God, by saying false and evil things about Allah, Quran, Prophet Mohammad-peace be upon him, Islam and the things related to Islam).
    So do not be a victim of Satan’s deadly bite. Be Allah’s noble servant and you will be written or recorded in the good book of Allah and that is what you require in the end because that will bring you the Heaven. People want to travel to beautiful islands, beaches etc on this earth. Who is the owner of this earth? Other than Allah? Then who is not willing to go to Heaven? But first buy the ticket from Allah by entering your name in the Book of God by saying the Divine Declaration, that says: “La Ilaha IL-ALLAH, Mohammad Ar – Rasool Allah which is in Arabic, and in English means: There is no God but Allah, Mohammad is the messenger of Allah. Mohammad (peace be upon him) is the last messenger of Allah. So please read Al Quran and don’t be misguided by the misguided people. Allah is not misguided and Quran which is His Book does not misguide anyone. How can Allah say lies or does not care for human beings, or discriminate women, when it is Allah who made the embroy, made it’s growth secure in the mother’s womb with all it’s food for free in 9 months period in the mother’s womb. All these freebies…..? And you become outcast satan like…Raising your head and hands against the Very Creator…..His Islam, His Laws, our muslim women, you can’t tolerate her look if she is well dressed as in Islam with Hijab, Scarf, Veil….Tell me if you rear a child, you are his father and in the end do you accept the child declaring you as not his father???? O Man or Woman, if you happen to tend to a plant, don’t you know that you have been doing so much for that plant and if anyone asks you will say proudly you planted it and fed it with such and such things (manure etc) and how you take care of it daily. Allah as the Real Master and Creator says simply that because it is HIS ABSOLUTE RIGHT AND YOU CAN’T QUESTION IT, YOU ARE NONE TO QUESTION HIM, KNOW MAN AND WOMAN YOUR SIZE, You try to shake with disbelief even though you are 5 or six feet height, but what happens if the Mountains which are (like the highest mountain peak in the world around 30 thousand feet high) shakes and we will all fall like dry leaves of a tree. Allah kept these mountains like pegs so that the earth would not shake or collapsse (earth or land is only 1/3 of the total and other 2/3 is water like the proportion of water in our body that is 2/3 of the total mass (actually the earth which is virtually floating on water we can say to understand a bit, earth would fall down like a leaf).
    There may be mistakes in the posting, sorry for that. Anyway let us blow the trumpet of Truth from Today onwards, whether we are Americans, British, Russians, Indians, Chinese, Germans, Africans, Sudanese, Darfurians (poor brothers and sisters).
    May Allah emancipate them soon and all stricken people from their troubles around the world, Aameem.

  6. Chinata wa’alaikum’as’salam’wa’rahmatullah’wa’barakatahu Welcome to the blog and as I have said before there are more Muslims in China then in most Arab countries. 🙂

  7. Assalamu Alaikum w.w.
    This is nice news, Islam means total submission to Allah & muslim means one submits one’s will to Allah, all teachings of Islam are found in major religious books like Bible (Christians), Vedas (Hindus), Guru Granth Sahib (Sikhs), Dhammpad (Buddhism), the meaning of Islam (Submission & Peace), Interestingly Islam is not proper noun like Christianity come from Christ, Buddhism comes from Budh, Judaisam comes from Juda and others, Arabic word Islam is adjective.

  8. Assalam O Alaikum,

    Is it possible for me to contact this converted chinese family in Dubai.I am UK resident..


  9. I wish for all the muslims that we become such good examples for people around us that everyone could c the reall picture of islam by looking at us.

  10. Hellooo every body,

    My name is Mahmoud, staying in Dubai, would like to exchange language with any of our Muslim brothers/or sisters living In Dubai,
    i can help him/her learning Arabic as it’s my mother tongue, also i’d like to learn Chinese.
    if interested u can kindly contact me on 050-9419570 or by mail:

    Best regards,

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